Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Third Party Pity Party Is In Now Full Swing

Napoleon and his crew are always only too happy to sacrifice Boxer -- 

 -- for the sake of their glorious revolution.

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Robt said...

When, "cutting social Security" is the middle moderate position".

You have bought in and or been programmed by right wing Oligarchy funded nonsense.

I do not see any threats or downsides to more folks challenging in primaries on the Democratic side.
Refreshing the idea pool is not a negative. People that feel they can do a good job representing is what it is all about when the honest desire is to improve.
It is why I supported Sanders in the primary. Not because I was told all the hate and anger manufactured reasons to trash Hillary at the time.
The primary went to HRC to my dismay. That did not make HRC the Benghazi villain, The submissive woman to her husband and his affair, or any other accusations brought , (most all from the Russian Right wing of today).

It is like the kavanaugh hearings. Dismiss all the questionings of real concerns by the democratic posers put forth. Listen to the Judaical Crisis Network run its secret well funded advertising and marketing of the 1 minute ad on the TV. Make you decision from the Ad?

Like the parrots of pgrases as,
" It is Scalia's seat we need to replace with another Scalia prototype?. " Gorsuch is the most brilliant judge to come up the ranks ". (smarter than Scalia? Garland? Roberts?

Now, kavanaugh is the most brilliant judicial mind ever"

What toilet backed up and over flowed into the American discussion?

Pagan in repose said...

Off topic:

A question I would like to be asked of Ryan at the next news conference: When did Putin purchase the entire republican party, and how much did it cost?

Because money and power is all that the republicans are about, I would like to know what they think our Republic is worth...

Robt said...

Comes to mid
As it pertains to 3rd party, or Republicans waking up every ground hog day morning seriously telling people how they consider becoming Independents (but Caucusing with GOP.

These geographical movements have a very low success rate.

As the Pope.
How did moving the pedophile priests to a new location to start anew. How did all that work out?

Seems you can take the republican out of the party, but you cannot take the ideology out of the Republican.

(How ever GOP ideology is defined)