Friday, August 03, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #452

“Never mistake motion for action." 
-- Ernest Hemingway, writer

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Robt said...

Fishing advice;
Depending of the fish you are after. If you require crickets for bait.

Try writing and calling your republican congress person.
Ask them to define who the DEEP STATE are? Ask them to name names? Who What Deep Staters have they taken action on? What was that action?

Trust me! Believe me!
You shall have more than enough crickets.

The apostle Jimenez Cricket (of the Disney Bible), told me so on a web site where he says he is located high in the government but so secretly. No one knows he is even there.

dinthebeast said...

Welp, I'm back online, but with a monthly data cap, and the podcast represented about one third of our allowed data use for the two of us for today, and the decision to use the data that way still seems like a good one.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Do Anon-Anon-Anon lives really matter?

Since they can retreat to Tea Party or the real patriot party AND-on- and on Anon.

Q anon stand for Queer anonymous?

Just as accurate as some unknown fol saying he is a deep state republican borrowed by GW Bush Adm high atop the tree tops.

The hilarious idea that these folks just show up grass rootsy and was provided front row space at the Trump hate apprentice rally and did not get fired. Can only be made amusing if one of America's finest comedians were to elaborae on it.

Kurt Restine said...

Dear Driftglass and Bluegal . . . YOU WON!! Morning Joke admits that Liberals were RIGHT all along! (at the 7:55 mark) Woot!!!