Monday, July 16, 2018

We Will Bury You

Having spent the back nine of his career getting rich helping to build the Republican monster machine, Brit Hume (a one-time Serious Journalist whose career died in state of mortal sin and who must now spend eternity using Roger Ailes jockstrap as a hammock over at Fox News) would very much like you to forget all that and instead notice how earnestly he pretends to care that one of his monsters is running amok.

Too late, Brit.  You and your kind built this monster and you will be buried with it.

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Neo Tuxedo said...

If the comments on any article about feminism fully justify feminism, then the #magat replies to that Hume tweet fully justify destroying all life with a mechanical horror. It could be an alligator, whose steel jaws could grip an entire city bus. It will be known as Robo-Croc.