Saturday, July 07, 2018

Twas Beauty Cream Killed The Beast

You're Liberal, you're smart, but you have this one, big, adorable blind spot when in comes to your Crazy Uncle Liberty.

See, you figured out long ago that trying to convince Crazy Uncle Liberty to see even a glimmer of reason or admit to even the smallest error is like trying to convince a slab of basalt to try yoga.  It doesn't bend, it will never bend, and on a basic ontological level, it is not capable of understanding anything you are saying. 

But still you persist, which is why I know that one day very soon as you patiently waste the precious hours of your life trying to get him to admit that throwing babies in cages is, y'know, bad, or that Donald Trump's unalloyed love for Vladimir Putin is, at best, weird, your Crazy Uncle Liberty will suddenly come at you out of left field with a spirited "Whatabout The Derp State!" defense of noted lotion aficionado and used-mattress fetishist, Scott Pruitt. 

This will temporarily flummox you because, like all of Crazy Uncle Liberty's certitudes, it is so randomly, wildly stupid that, just, WTF?  I mean, really, WTAF?  And in that frozen moment of WTF, Crazy Uncle Liberty will scamper away, back to his Patriot Trump Hero Best MAGA Murrica Facebook Christian dumpster to strut his brand new tall tale of how he fucking owned that stupid Lib!  Again!  Those stupid Libs never learn!  High fives all around!

Your time is your own, of course.  And you may, of course. waste as much of it on these reprogrammable Conservative meatbags as you choose. But when Crazy Uncle Liberty throws this particular wild, random idiocy into the mix, you should at least know where it came from.

Your Crazy Uncle Liberty got it from Respectable Conservative Haver-of-Opinion, Hugh Hewitt, who can be found expounding his horseshit on radio stations from coast to coast, and in his Washington Post column.  

Your Crazy Uncle Liberty got it from Rupert Murdoch's very own Journal of Respectable Conservative Opinion, which can be found on the coffee tables of just about every bank, accounting firm and investment company in America every day of the week.

Pruitt Drowns in the Swamp
The permanent green government takes out Trump’s deregulator.

By The Editorial Board

Chalk one up for the swamp. The permanent progressive state finally ran Scott Pruitt out of the Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday, and the tragedy is that Mr. Pruitt gave his enemies so much ammunition.

President Trump announced on Twitter Thursday afternoon that he had accepted Mr. Pruitt’s resignation. Mr. Pruitt cited the “unrelenting attacks on me personally” and his family that have “taken a sizable toll on us all.” He’s right about unrelenting. Dozens of reporters have examined every furl of Mr. Pruitt’s forehead since he started the job.

Press dispatches have suggested that he misused private air travel, sent staff on personal errands and bought $1,560 pens, among dozens of other allegations. Mr. Pruitt says most of this was false or exaggerated, and no doubt much of it was. He’s also right that billionaires Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg were out to get him. You can add the EPA bureaucracy that leans left, the green lobby entwined with it, and their collaborators in the press corps...
The enemies of democracy are fighting this war on every front.

And they're fighting it for keeps.

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Robt said...

Pruitt might have vacated the EPA But he planning his rise to Governor in Oklahoma. A land where he will use his resignation of failure and retreat as a Purple Heart medal. Like Trump's honorable service during Vietnam of not contracting VD as a civilian with a honorable rich guys deferment or more. the war on those Americans the right reserves their hate for all "snakes and snails and puppy dog tail" people.

I take a different view on Pruitt's exit stage resign.
He sure frauded, wasted and abused the American people and their trust in his cabinet position. But we are in the GOP era of no oversight or the least possible. Pruitt was the guy tearing down the EPA and all those regulations. Not one of them relieved me from draining my oil and radiator anti freeze in the street/ down the storm drain like the good old days to save me money from paying for an oil change or paying to have the oil disposed of.
All those Regs they told their voters was at fault for them not getting rich. No spotted owl reg prevented them from buying a home or starting a business.

What Pruitt was doing was Selling off Regulations to the highest bidder behind closed doors, in secret with no public documentation.
To be clear, these EPA regs. belong to Americans, not Pruitt to sell for financial help when he runs for Governor. Congresses oversight lacked and dragged out like a protective reg on an endangered snails. Congress looked the other way when it came to oversight of Pruitt's theft and salwws for GOP profit in the name of small government and killing the evil liberal empire of enviroment responsibility.

For the corporate world, removing regs like this internalized the corporate profit and externalize the cost of doing business.

If Corporations create waste in their production (yes, toxic waste included).
And theat waste costs to be dumped. If corporate can socialize this cost to tax payers. It makes profits for them much better.
Why not just have tax payers fund the wages of corporate employees? Oh, we do that for CEO's.
All of Pruitt's corrupt unsavory behavior was fine as long as he was destroying the EPA in the name of the masters of the Universe plantations.

When the story broke that Pruitt sold off some EPA regs and polic standards that favored big oil at the expense of Ethanol. Shifting more sales and profits to big oil from Ethanol industry.

That is when Iowa and Nebraska (other GOP senators) that have farmers growing Ethanol corn and Ethanol refining operations in their states. who donate for GOP government subsidies they so hate because of government welfare, pick and choosing winner is not free market clan people. It was only then, These republican senators raised their voices over Pruitt's taking away from Ethanol for Fossil fuel.

Now they were willing to take a look at some of those "prior infractions and mishaps" of Pruitt's 10 or 12 investigations of impropriety. Because he harmed Ethanol industry in their states. Getting rid of the EPA protections and welfare for Ethanol industry in their states was just down right too far a religious small government out of the way bridge for them.

This is when Pruitt faced oversight.

I know, I had been in contact with both my senators that Pruitt was stealing from me (tax payers via fraud and corruption.

I even asked why their majority in congress would not legislate away these UnGodly EPA rules and Regs??? But like the GOP and their overturning of 40 years of established law in the union dues case. GOP want their activist judges and cabinet members to do it. More than happy to let GOP Big government run amok unchecked because, Freedom and GOD

If Pruitt didn't fuck the ethanol industry, he could have flown in hookers from the Mustang Ranch for an EPA private party on tax payers.

Overall, I am as sorry to see Pruitt go as I am when someone gets the fly swatter and wacks the fly that got in the house.

Which is my way of expressing my thoughts and prayers to Prux-it.

dinthebeast said...

Missing from their take on his departure: any mention of the policies which if allowed to stand, will damage and shorten lives uncounted, though not, they are foolishly wagering, their own.

-Doug in Oakland

Ed Smart said...

They are examining every "furl" of his forehead?

First, furl is an awful word to use because nobody uses it. Furl means to roll up, like a sail, a flag, bed curtain or umbrella. How does a forehead furl? It could, I guess, under the most obscure listing in the OED, and if you needed a word to force a rhyme in a Gilbert and Sullivan song.

If it is a malapropism meant to evoke something along the lines of examining every "furrow" of his brow, that's the damn problem!! Scott Pruitt's brow has no furrows!!

Nothing troubles him. If Trumpists need a talismanic figure, somewhat similar to a Buddha icon, but different because the Buddha represents wisdom and compassion, they should manufacture Scott Pruitt statutes, and accentuate his unfurrowed brow. Trumpists could place this on their mantles as a symbol of a placid, brain dead, heart dead, smiling, disinterested, destructive and thieving nature, for which accountability is never met with. It's a little like the innocence of a 5 year old, but one who has chopped off the fingers of his playmate, and expects juice and cookies now.

In other words the WSJ editorial page is defending a psychopath.

Jeff Ryan said...

"Mr. Pruitt says most of this was false or exaggerated, and no doubt much of it was."

Reality, how does it work?

Neo Tuxedo said...

"The best way to drive out the devil... is to flout and jeer him, for he cannot bear scorn."
-- Martin Luther

With that in mind, from the pages of Even the Liberal Washington Post, here's Alexandra Petri explaining, in a piece I hope will be shortlisted for the Best Short Story Hugo next year, why it was so important to keep Scott Pruitt moist, and here's a dramatic reading thereof by John "Boom" Scalzi.