Saturday, July 21, 2018

Today In Both Sides Do It: S,E. Cupp

As she skips lightly down the path towards a well-earned obscurity, the 2005 CPAC "It" Girl continues to flash her resume in public in the hopes that Jeff Zucker will take her back.

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Robt said...

SE (AA) Cupp Finds pride on stating her inability to discern that one candidate was a white supremacist and Fascist and the other one was not.

This places her intellect category level of that of an avid Alex Jones faithful listener and word for word believer of what he espouses. She seems proud of being indecisive.
The difference of smoke emitting from a cigarette on the White House balcony vs the entire building burning down.
Why call the fire department? It is all smoke.!

The pride she strokes her own ego with, by boasting of not voting because it was just too hard.

She really needs to go to Afghanistan or any middle east U.S. military front line and ask these soldiers. Why choose to fight. Both sides are bad, right? Then end proudly by telling these folks operating and putting lives on the line for "our Freedoms". How she came not to exercise her duty to vote. Her freedom of duty to vote.

She smells as rotten fish. Never being able to decide if she should take a shower.
You know, the smell emitting from her may not be her" If she showers the smell will only return? It will make her shower smell?

Another indecisive person in the media telling others how they are wrong for choosing and voting.

Did she home school? Attain a degree for Falwell university and an extended oral degree from Trump U.

No thanks SE cupp. Your input on the issues from the fence sitting on the two yards the fence divides is worthless.