Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The King of the Birthers Announces Generous Bribe to Farmers Who Were Stupid Enough to Vote For Him

From CNBC:
Agriculture Department announces $12 billion 'short-term' plan to help US farmers hurt by retaliatory tariffs
Another Red State wingnut welfare program, the cost of which will be passed along to Blue State taxpayers.

This is the point at which a free and fair press in a healthy democracy would do four minutes on The Google and then carpet-bomb the media with any of the thousands of examples from the GOP's long, rich history of blaming every problem on Earth on useless eaters, shiftless Negros and Obamaphones all of whom apparently acted under the sinister direction of "Mochelle" Obama.

But we do not have a free and fair press, and we do not live in a healthy democracy.  Instead, we struggle to make do with a corps of unfunded, exhausted Libtard volunteers who have been living in the trenches for far too long. So for those of you who still do not understand how the same meatheads who spent eight years going positively ballistic over campfire scare stories they just fucking made up about the Obamas...

...could turn around about be sanguine about the rampant, daily, out-and-proud corruption and treason of the Trump regime, none of this will make sense to you if you don't use the special glasses.

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Robt said...

Breaking the law,
When a republican president does it. Well it is legal.

Democratic presidents over reach. So many executive orders and dictator stuff like having policies. Policies made in cases where GOP obstruction to legislate forces it.

We want activist judges that are only republican. Born in the labs in a test tube at the Koch Federalist genetic purity institute.

Government can only step in and help when GOP needs to pay off disgruntled GOP voters (as farmers).

Food stamp recipients must drug test to receive assistance. Farmers, NO.

Government bail outs, hand outs to republicans who do not pull themselves up by their boot straps. Do not make it with their business in a free market. Even after getting a large tax break others have to pay for. It is not socialism or big government when republicans give GOP voting farmers or other businesses other peoples money for doing nothing except, voting GOP and becoming disgruntled.

In my local paper, "Farmers raise concern over tarries and the economic harm (to them only). Do not "feel" the bail outs in long term is good idea. But, THEY thank the president and republicans for the money and will begrudgingly accept the socialism they deny and condemn others for".

It is hilariously Jim Jones's Kool Aid drinking to swallow republican House and Senate statements that they did not have anything to do with the big government socialistic handouts to republican farmers. That they stood up strong (like Putin) when they voted 9n a non binding vote, to say they, "do not sort of agree with their Dear orange stupid leader) over tariffs.

And for those other industries being hit by the GOP nuclear trade wars. As with consumers and everyday Joe schmoes. Well they need to find a way to survive in the GOP Free Market Place. Because they do not and should not expect any big ass government socialized free bee handouts.

Those money grubbing liberals always want someone else's money.!

Now, you think the news media are going to make hypocrisy pudding out of this? Decry socialism and the end of the world?

Like they do over health care funding and education funding????

Robt said...

Nothing like big ass republican government inserting itself into places it does not belong. And, giving Farmers who voted for Trump Other peoples money.

Many of these Trump farming voters, voted to take away the ACA coverage because it was socialism. Giving people health care with other peoples money.

You know, the modern day Insurance business model.

And the Farmers who vote for republicans because they hate liberals and socialism. Accept the other peoples money to bail them out. They don't really want it. But since their guy is bribing after imposing economic hardship. After most every sane 7th grader who took his first class in economics would be telling the Great orange Putin puppet. His end game of trade war is going to end like his casino bankruptcy, except on a much larger scale.
A bail out after a big jackass tax cut.?????

Good lick Farmers trying to regain those foreign markets. Once they get their products elsewhere. No need to buy yours.