Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Snivel Chamberlain

Churchill is a smelly pirate whore.
Roosevelt is a gimp in a wheelchair, and probably a Jew.
Adolf is awesome.  So powerful.  So strong.

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Firesign said...


Robt said...

As the Republican congressional majorities send out there "thoughts and prayers to America (version 2.0).

Make no mistake that it is "only" Trump and we only need republicans to hold him accountable.

Does anyone truly think the Rusky involvement was retrained only to Trump campaign? Sen. Sessions, Rience Preibus ,to name call a few. Mouth pack full of Russian wang.
The Senate knew Sessions Perjured under oath to their faces over Russian ties. They responded with an affirmative confirmation and later for public seditive sake, Jefferson Bouldegarge would recuse himself from a portion of the job. Still able to carry out Putinesque policy.

We are in the year of the Republican Malenkaya Mushka party.

malenkaya Mushka = a Russian little mouse.

ervin williams said...

could don be planning martial law soon?did vlad give don his ORDERS ? stay tuned.

Robt said...


Problem with the stable genius. I am positive he would never be able to decide between Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris for his martial Law.