Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Rand Paul Running Away From Things: An Ongoing Series

As we have noted on this little blog many, many times, at the slightest provocation the easily-startled, over-caffeinated badger that lives on top of Ran Paul's head will run away from any democratic principle dragging the junior senator from the great state pf Kentucky right along behind it.

For example, this...
Rand Paul to travel to Russia after downplaying election meddling

And this:
And gets his good doggie pay on the head from Il Douche for doing so:

Rand Paul does this because "treason" is the Republican default setting.

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1 comment:

Robt said...

Ru Rand Paul is going to have a tougher reelection .
I here Rand's neighbor, the one that tackled him off Rand's own driving lawn mower. That Neighbor.

He and the rest of the Rand Paul fan club, Rand has worked hard to build that following.

They are a little tired of talking to the backside of Rand as he is running away.

This time, running away from America to get into Putin's hot tub.