Friday, July 13, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #449

“And I would rain down on you so hard, you would have to be reassembled by fucking air crash investigators." 
-- Malcolm Tucker,  The Thick of It

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John Hall said...

What Rube Tube really needs for their device is the D-Lete-VR button, where you can wipe out actual history from happening. Just hit the D-Lete-VR button and the device will send out an EMP-like pulse that resets the brain before seeing what the viewer didn't want to see.

dinthebeast said...

If hope and love didn't overcome hate and fear none of us would be here.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Reporting to the Cornfield resistance HQ:

My Local paper's public comment section has been perhaps a bit biased.

You would think after the first fifty comment printed , Demanding their imaginary straw man Libtard evil speaking naughty stuff about their lord and savior (Trump).

How this must stop. Jesus commands it! Humanity invokes the respect for him.
How it so hurts their PC hating feelings.
Yet, after the first 50 comments of condemnation for ctriticizing "their grat one" Mr. Historic".
The same public comment section seems to have difficulty when one submits comment to remedy.
Simply by stating,
The greatest most brilliant beginning to commity over such toils (on both sides of course).
Trump should offer up his most deepest heart felt apology to The entire Obama family for Trump's own vile of the Birther degrading. Trump led that and his Russian Bots were programmed to repeat it and feed on it.

But to start there with an apology to attain the civility these hateful folks of the Obama era propagated. Cannot be admitted to.

Like they could not admit to voting Cheney/ GW Bush or admitting they as republicans were Tea Potters (from shame island) and have now became, White nationalists pollops grown and raised in Bannon's dark fertile rectal passages.

This is why regular check ups of the colon is so imprtant. Why health care with preventitive policies are vital.