Tuesday, July 10, 2018

My Name Is a Killing Word

I must say that I was very excited to learn just yesterday that I have Mystic Weirding Powers.

It's true.

I really thought that this "weirding" business was just a clever device Frank Herbert made up to move the plot along, and frankly, as a shitty Libtard blogger for the past 13 years, up until now there was absolutely no evidence whatsoever that I had ever had any influence on anyone's opinion of anything.

But now, quite suddenly, I learn that all it will take for Democrats to lose in the Fall is a few posts from me casting a critical eye on the good faith of our freshly minted (and apparently incredibly fragile) Never Trump besties. 

All it will take is a few posts from me posing a few very simple, blunt questions to our new True Conservative allies on a topic about which they have been only too happy lecture us endlessly for the past 30 years -- Personal Responsibility -- and somehow we're all fuuucked.

My name is a killing word.

Fear me. 

Or hit my tip jar. 

Either way works for me.

Behold, a Tip Jar!


drbopperthp said...


Scott said...

I call Muad'Dibs!

::Switches on Mr. Microphone::



::looks around. Sees Fiestaware is still intact::


Vincent Daniels said...

Wish I could donate more than I do.

Lawrence said...

Frank Herbert's weirding way is an advanced form of martial arts developed by the Bene Gesserit. If people can live to be 300 and enjoy good physical health in their old age (spice consumption) you can see how that might work. The gizmos in the David Lynch film are his own invention. And Duke Leto's army, who were said to have the Weirding Modules in the film, were merely very well trained by Duncan Idaho and Gurney Halleck. Almost as good as Sardukar, but a smaller force than the Emperor's. The Fremen started out as stone killers and Paul polished them up with his combination of training from Jessica, Halleck, and Idaho.

dinthebeast said...

Doctor K pointed out on the Twitter machine last night that numbers don't seem to be validating such poltroonery:

Nate Silver
‏Verified account @NateSilver538

It's a noisy indicator so check back in 2 weeks but the generic ballot is the best it's been in a while for Dems. Doesn't really match the narrative where various issues (Immigration! Incivility! Ocasio-Cortez!) are supposed to be causing problems for 'em.

Or as John Hiatt once put it:

"You said that I would regret
Well It Hasn't Happened Yet"

-Doug in Oakland

Rnmihayden said...

It's eerie when you realize just how much Trump is like Baron Harkonen. Ok, take away the intelligence and homosexuality.