Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

When you add up his wild, head-snapping Twitter mood swings -- from treacly "Everybody should just love everybody! Like Jesus!" reactions to every Republican atrocity, to bragging that he didn't vote for either Clinton or Trump because we gotta Disrupt!The!K'rupt!Duopoly!, to pretending that "Trump Supporters" were just a tiny, vocal fraction of the Republican party, to frantically jumping on the "Everybody, quick! Vote for the nearest Democrat!" bandwagon when the whole "Disrupt!The! K'rupt!Duopoly!" thing turned out to be as catastrophically stupid as certain Liberal bloggers warned it would be, to pretending that the Senate is still a functional institution and that Democrats should play nicey-nice while Republicans torch the place and dance around the fire -- at this point I honestly don't know if Mr. Dowd is in the middle of a complete mental collapse, or if his insulated Beltway political pocket-universe has been so shattered by brutal reality that on a day-to-day basis he no longer has any idea which political faction he needs to suck up to in order to stay employed, so he tries to appease them all.

What I do know is that, in the name of Finley Peter Dunne and Nick Machiavelli, there is no way on God's green and verdant earth any news outfit should be paying a clown like this for his political insights. 

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Robt said...

First, as once was news reporting legislatively became corporate media (not news). FOX is wnow what RT is to Putin and Sinclair media moves to challenge FOX to be state run media.

Let the networks be free and allow them to combine entertainment with the journalistic free press.

"what could happen"? Supply side media entertainers as Hannity, to Dowd. From DFB to Bill Kristol rise to internal ratings of network CEO's and their wealthy owners last say?

As the GOP decided there are no boundaries of tradition, democrtic normalcy. That a Senator in California with their population to represent is less than the mniscuel population represented by a Wyoming Senator.

The American republican version of Aparthied? Thee are so many ways to define it.
Most of all, What I see in your addressing of Dowd is his inability to stnd on past wrong doings (as Garland) and somehow equalize it with a normal procedure vote for this SCOTUS nominee?

Dowd doesn't even address that Americans should have a vote on this election for the SCOTUS as GOP presented it to us over Garland nomination. Then to slam dunk Gorsuch. Who was not on the ballot, even for the rightest wing voters to clearly vote on. Gorsuch not on my ballot.
Dowd placates any sense of deference striped from the black president because a GOP majority, the GOP's George Soros's funding tax free welfare to right wing media to institutionalize their hate to be aimed at any target at anytime for their ideological greed. That must come first because false pride and of course the very wealthy dollars that buy these SCOTUS justices to use the court to install their will on Americans as the true, genetically superior ordained.

They can make activist judge ruling that free riding in a union is the law now after 30 years of established and accepted law with the minute 5-4 majority. But Sam's Club continues to not allow me in their store to get that discount prices. Because why?
I cannot freeload. I have to pay my Sams Club (union dues) to get in and the discounts.

As you can tell, Dowd thinks the old McConnel call for an up or down vote when it is to his advantage but decries otherwise when it is not.
Dowd sees nothing more than the up or down vote as their job and not thing to do with normalcy of the nation that will be afflicted be ideologically funded and bred federalist robots that Hugh Hewitt sent back here in time to destroy those of the present that will destroy those who will bring Armageddon to our future.

As a wise old sage once said,

Dowd is a fundamentally ridiculous person