Monday, July 30, 2018

I Would Declare "Peak Greenwald" But Of Course There Is No Peak Greenwald

It has long been clear to any honest observer that Mr. Spleenwald is simply incapable of not being a towering asshole all the time.

Just as it is congenitally impossible for Mr. Spleenwald to stop being a towering hypocrite all the time.

And at this point it would rude and churlish to "I Told You So" tap-dance all over the many, many, many credulous individuals who put this clown on a pedestal and slagged the shit out of anyone who had the temerity to bring receipts to their idol worship out that their idol had feet of clay and that he was playing them like a two-dollar fiddle.

So I will heroically refrain from doing so.

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Dhalgren said...

Why do you fake progressives like Jonathan Chait fear Greenwald so much?

Chan Kobun said...

The liberal superpower works on stealthed rightists as effectively as it does on exposed ones.