Friday, July 27, 2018

Glenn Greenwald: Transparency For Thee But Not For Me

I used to write a lot more often about the antics of Mr. Spleenwald, but eventually, I tapered off, having accomplished nothing.  For my sins I lost about a 1/3 of my readers and a non-trivial slice of the meager income this little blog generates.  I also received a near-daily slagging by the Speenwald Horde ("droneglass!") as a drooling, jackbooted, murder-happy Obot tool. 

Which, I have noted before, is a fair bargain.  After all, being able to write to suit myself and be read by even a small handful of others is a great privilege and one which I don't take for granted.

And being on the wrong side of lost causes is my jam. 

Mr,. Greenwald, on the other hand, picked up a quarter billion dollar payday from Mr. Peter Omidyar to build his own media empire, which -- fun fact -- Mr. Greenwald has brilliantly parlayed into a slot on Fox News as Tucker Carlson's semi-regular, kooky-sidekick.  And which is certainly a very long way from 2013-era Glenn Greenwald who was routinely invited onto MSNBC over and over again and given an open mic to say whatever he damn well pleased, while simultaneously complaining that MSNBC was an Obama tool-shed that refused to Tell the Truth.

I'm sure there is a lesson in there somewhere.


Back in the day, one of the themes I found myself returning to time after time was Mr. Greenwald's infamous habit of loudly proclaiming that pretty much everyone, everywhere had  failed miserably to live up to Mr. Greenwald's standards of transparency and accountability -- standards to which Mr. Greenwald categorically refused to hold himself. Which his supporters either refused to notice or just didn't give a shit about: you either lined up with Glenn 100% right down the line and ignored his hypocrisy, his casual dishonestly and the fact that he hijacked every tragedy to advance his political agenda (Of course earthquakes are bad, but they are made so much worse because Obama is a drone-murdering madman who is, in every way, Worse Than Bush!)  ... or you were a drooling, jackbooted, murder-happy Obot yadda yadda yadda.

Eventually Mr. Greenwald blocked me, and his shtick as the Fox News "Liberal" spokesmodel for "Any concern about Russia is pure McCarthyism!" became too ridiculous to bother with, too easy to dunk on, so I tapered off.  

But every now and then...

Such as today when a friend tapped me on my virtual shoulder and said, hey, check this out:
And so, for now, I have nothing more to add.

Well, maybe one more thing...

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marymccurnin said...

I used to like Greenwald about ten years ago. How did he so quickly morph into an asshole?

Frank McCormick said...

The saddest part is that many moons ago, I used to read Greenwald because I believe he had a point. And now, I can't even remember what it was.

Lit3Bolt said...

Somehow, Trump is not worse than Bush or Obama. It's like Greenwald is protecting something. Something that...pays him...with interest.

Funny how that Russia can be both more left than the left, and more right than the right? So...interesting...that so many Americans agree with Russia these days.

Qahir Makhani said...

Horseshoe theory. The right wing part is overt, While the left wing part is less so. It's by design and is asymmetric