Tuesday, July 24, 2018

David Brooks Is Really Rooting For Us

And that is what sustains me through my time of trouble.

From Mr. David Brooks of The New York Times
What Is the Democratic Story?
Choosing between a focus on race or class is the wrong choice to begin with.

... If I had to advise on a Democratic narrative I’d start with three premises: First, by 2020 everybody will be exhausted by the climate of negativism and hostility...
What Mr. Brooks is trying to say is that, when the new people take over, he would very much like it to be just like when Barack Obama was elected.  Specifically, Mr. Brooks thinks it is very important for the Good Of The Nation for us to put the whole, inconvenient question of who stabbed America in the back and who removed the blade and dressed the wound behind us. 

Only then can the nation get on with the important business of making sure Republican Quislings and enablers like Mr. Brooks keep all of their perks and privileges instead of, say, having their heads shaved and being marched through the streets wearing big signs that say "I Collaborated".

For the record, I was working on a detailed deconstruction of Mr. Brooks' horrible, revisionist tripe from last Friday, but it grew to such a sprawling, prodigious length that I am instead trying to pitch it to HBO as a Game of Thrones prequel. 

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Robt said...

The thing is, are the Democratic party leaders and donors giving the DFB desired Dem majority expectation of governance too much consideration?

The notion if Dems have majority control,
*They should reinstate filibuster.
*They better not act (as GOP) and perform Congressional Reviews to strike down and abolish laws and policy in such a secret fast and furious exclusive partisan manner.

Dems should utilize the Hastert rule on legislating.

You Know, work together, let GOP decide legislation .

I am surprised that the Republican Brotherhood has not passed a law stating only Republicans can govern, confirm justices. That nothing can be done by a Dem majority without GOP approval.

This is what I hear DFB meandering into. Then again, it has always been an illness DFB chooses to live with and infect others with. Instead of getting proper medical treatment.

He is a soft flowery worded conservative Typhoid Mary.

trgahan said...

Based on this weeks coverage alone, just how much of a threat is ONE Democratic Socialist from a safe district in the House of Representatives to the media's Republican quislings and enablers?

Cause Brooks et al. sound like Antebellum southern whites who saw the slightest change in the status quo as a prelude to slave revolt and therefore needed shift, brutal, and total correction.

OR is this just the only topic that pushes "Yeah, Trump IS a Russian Asset and You Voted For Him" off the opinion page?

Davis Statton said...

I'm disappointed. When I read the title and first line (I never get further than that), I thought, "I can't wait to hear Driftglass on this." But I understand. It must be exhausting.