Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Attention Chuck Todd: Stay Out Of My Territory

h/t to Alert Reader "Unknown" for this suggestion

Mr. Todd has been one of the most appallingly reliable Both Siderist pimps anywhere in the American media ecosystem.  His capacity to choke down normal, human gag-reflexes and (for example) give monsters like Hugh Hewitt a national media platform is the #1 reason Comcast hired him.
CHUCK TODD: ...and my pal, radio talk show host, Hugh Hewitt, who, of course, has been the must-do for every presidential contender...
And given the wildly outsized influence Meet the Press has over setting the parameters of our national political discourse, a credible case can be made that no one has done more to enable the catastrophe which now engulfs us than ol' Shuck Todd.

So fuck right off Mr. Todd.  Just fuck right the fuck off.

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Dave McCarthy said...

Fuck Todd!

Robt said...

This is so humorously pathetic of the Todd.

Don't blame you at all for telling him to get off your lawn.

If confirmed to SCOTUS, I will look closely to making a ruling on this.

It will need to be a decisive vote decision with such a majority vote to assure Americans of the unbiased affirmation of another 5-4 decision.

maybe the SCOTUS should take the Senates idle Filibuster rule and apply it to them. I am sure they can buy it cheap.

ervin williams said...

Are you forgetting Joe and Mika?