Monday, June 11, 2018

Today In Both Sides Do It: Bloody Bill Kristol is Not Your Friend

Remember kids, unless they say the Magic Words -- "The Left was right about the Right all along", or even "I was wrong" -- you cannot trust a Never Trump Republican or Joe Scarborough-brand "Independent".  Since they have no principles or ideology but self-preservation, their short-term plan is to make enough "We're All In This Together Now!" noise to ride our Blue Wave momentum right past the present crisis and position themselves in exactly the same place they were in 2007: funders intact, media cronies on-board and their Both Siderist narrative ready to go"

And I am telling you right now, if yet another cabal of unprincipled Republican goofs are let off the hook for their part in building the Republican monster machine, we will live to regret it once again. Because before our celebratory "Dump Trump!" champagne has gone flat they will have already used their funders and their media cronies to bulldoze their own narrative right in the heart of the mainstream media. A fairy tale that, no matter how terrible "Trumpism"may have been, the Resistance was just as rotten. Hell, they're work-shopping that Big Lie right now.

And as we are once again are forced to fight another stupid war on three fronts -- against the mainstream media, against the Right, and against the Steiniacs and Spleenwaldians who will happily throw in with anyone who promises to crash the system in the name of Destroying The K'rupt Duopoly -- the Never Trumpers (who will have gone back to calling themselves "Republicans") will have their next batch of publicly-passable Conservative neofascist hobgoblins all lined up and ready to go as the Sensible Centrist alternative to The Extremes on Both Sides.

(h/t Alert Reader LeighAnn for pointing out the first Kristol tweet)

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