Friday, June 29, 2018

Ron Fournier is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

America's Sad Clown of Centrism has a theory:

No, Ron, Trump wasn't created in a Kremlin lab.

The conditions necessary the create a Trump were carefully built by the Republican party -- brick by racist, paranoid, fact-averse brick -- over the past half-century. And it all happened right out in the open, where even journalists who were knee-walking drunk on Both Siderist popskull should have been able to see it.

And however much Russian help got him to third base, it was greasy little "Fight The K'rupt Duopoly" media Both Siderists like you, Ron, that waved him home.

Way to go, Ron.

Way to fucking go.

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James Almos said...

Dear Ron,

Don't worry to thank me for the help, it's just what I do:

"Gingrich, Limbaugh, O'Connell, Rove, Atwater, Breitbart, Coulter, and 1000 other Republican scumbags couldn't have created a more pro-stupid US president susceptible to manipulation by Russia. But as far as they're concerned, Trump is close enough."


Unknown said...

Yet he will never admit that the ass cracks, such as himself, promoting both siderism are complicit. They must protect their income and position at all cost, up to including the rest of peoples health care, income and freedom. said...

I also think the Ron Fourniers & Michael Down & other white, male writers, editors, & corporate suits shared with Movement Conservatives an underlying racism & sexism that led them to have a distaste for the Democratic Party increasingly dominated by minorities & women. They felt sympathy for & shared to a lesser ectext the resentments of the Right.

Robt said...

I like how Ronny omits the entire republican party, from kneeling and becoming subordinate to Putin/ Russia.

"Putin couldn’t have created a more pro-Russia US president in a lab." --Ronny

Republican Senator Sessions meeting during campaign with Russians.
Paling around with Red Commie Russians from manafort to Donny Jr and the long list of others. How they were willing to do :anything" sell out the country for the "win". House Republican Rohrbacker on Russian payroll according to Ryan and McCarthy, (House GOP leadership).
(keep in mind Tonny. Give the president a chance as he pivots to being the leader who tells you, "I spoke to Putin and he says he never did and never would interfere with American elections". But wait, Trump is pivoting. Wait for it?)

Ronny purposely ignores the GOP "BASE" during the campaign, who were waiving Russian flags and having rallies in support of Trump and Russia. For real! Even with marketing Trump/ Russian campaign memorabilia.

Sessions alone, recused because he perjured himself over meeting with Ruskies.
Their Cambridge Analitica with its connection to Putin. How WIKILeaks was an evil thing until it got connections and worked with Russia and Trump in the campaign lawless anything goes.

But Ron will ignore this because he needs to hold a conservative imaginary republican valentine close to his heart to reserve that old worn and dead horse beaten ideal principal of what conservatism at it's core truly is to him and he wants to project that false image that the beaten dead horse ideal can be rode again. Just like the South rising again with R.E. Lee atop the dead horse.


Ronny seems to be copying Trump. What he does officially is disconnected from his average schmuck observer personality.

Is Tonny just another blood sucking leach (like the Coulter) that does everything to get into public media eye and then use it as a source of profit as self employed?Ronny need to get over it. As he advise with his great wisdom not long ago when lecturing the GO's liberal straw men.

Well, I have some advice for Ronny.

If you cannot be earnest in projecting honesty. If you continue to obscure and distract.
You are not part of the the solution. Merely another virus evolving into a newer strain to continue spreading its harmful results.