Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Irrelevant DNA Glitch, Meghan McCain, Bravely Defends Noted Fascist From Peaceful Protesters

Mrs. Federalist really, really wants a place in the coming Trump/Putin Greater Caucasian Co-Prosperity Sphere and is perfectly willing to shit all over everything her father ever claimed to stand for the get it.

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Pagan in repose said...

Dear Megan,

We the people have the right to ask our elected representatives about anything any time about the job they are doing. They work for "we the people", don't you know. In the case of the republicans they aren't doing anything except tearing this country apart and selling the pieces to the highest bidder.

So maybe you should just go fuck the fuck off your fucking putz.

Well, I don't feel all that much better having said what I said but it fucking well had to be said.

A change she is a coming...what it is going to be is anybodies guess...

"So I'm watchin' and I'm waitin'
Hopin' for the best
Even think I'll go to prayin'
Every time I hear 'em sayin'
That there's no way to delay
That trouble comin' every day
No way to delay
That trouble comin' every day

trgahan said...

Does Mrs. Federalist and her cohort understand what demonizing protesters as out-of-control "radical left" that needs put in its place will lead to for their armed, embittered, and vengeance driven, base voters running on "owning the libs!" vapors these days

Or is that just another feature, not a bug?

Robt said...

Republican immigrants shouting out orders and demanding the people she feels her beloved McConnell owns. Like before the Civil War. Should be banned, flogged if need be to make them obey.

Those Kentucky Republican voters who claim to be upset over immigration. have know (I assume) that Elaine Chao) is in fact Mitch's Elaine McConnell.

Why she is not proud to take Mitch's last name in their marrage. is not a concern to me.

Altough Elaine is not assimilating like Trump's immigrant wife who took Trump as her married name now?

Why won't Elaine Chao assimilate into being American and take McConnell as her married name?
To be sure, Elaine is not a natural born citizen with the right of a Sarah Huckabbe Sanders. Who can keep her maiden name (maiden used loosly here).

It is like The FOX having the foreign accent of a Stuart Varney telling you that only republicans are patriot Americans and the "Far, Far, Far left is not.

Why and the Fuck does Varney get away without speaking English?

northierthanthou said...

If only the President and the Republican members of Congress were held to the same standards as private citizens.

Walt Mistler said...

I'm kinda surprised any of them go out in public. These are the people that polish the bubble, they know what's outside.

XtopherSD said...

While not having anything to do with this post, I just had to write this somewhere and this is a like-minded space...

With the Supreme Court rulings this week and Kennedy's retirement announcement I just can't stand to read any news today. It seems like everything - gay rights, environment, labor, abortion, everything - is on the chopping block and I'm just sick to my stomach. Anyhow, thanks for a small spot.

Unknown said...

Yes Megan.
That is exactly what I want to happen to any Republican who goes out in public...and more.

Andrew Johnston said...

@Robt: Chinese women usually don't take their husband's names, it's not part of the culture. Don't be a shithead about this.

Robt said...


It was my republican accent I was portraying. If that makes me a poopy head. what does it make a real republican who plants his arse on the toilet and gets stuck in the good old days because he didn't use the toilet seat butt gasket, because it was not masculine or provided in his religion to do so?

Potomacker said...

@Andrew Johnston
As much as you seem compelled to defend a defender of the indefensible, Elaine, which cabinet member am I now?, Chao, you can stop perpetuating the feminist misinterpretation of Chinese women not taking their husbands' family names. They are not allowed their husbands' names because they are considered unworthy of the privilege. That's Chinese culture so please get it right when you play white knight.
This is less the rule on Taiwan, aka the Republic of China.