Thursday, May 24, 2018

Today In Both Sides Do It: Pity The Poor Bush Regime Dead-Enders

They haz no homez!

You are politically homeless because what you believe is ridiculous and awful, but the ridiculous, awful, lying, racist avatar for those beliefs which which your party nominated and elected makes you feel icky.

You are politically homeless because the idea of ever admitting that the Left has been right about the Right all along also makes you feel icky and -- let's face it -- would also be professional suicide.


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cvmbner said...

One wonders whether any pundits have ever made it out of their gated communities long enough to actually speak with this so-called "large swath" of "politically homeless" individuals. Because if they did, they would realize several things:

1) The Democrats have actually shifted oh-so-politely to the right for years trying to accommodate conservatives and their reward has been the Overton Window of Mystery wherein they are suddenly "tribal extremists."

2) "Progressive" is not an insult. Many, many Americans (even in Appalachia and the South!) want to see progress and support civil rights, public education, healthcare for all, and other such dastardly notions that actually help the little guy.

3) Unfortunately, many, many Americans also suddenly have declared themselves "politically homeless" when in fact they've voted Republican for the last 20 years, voted for Trump in 2016, continue to listen to Fox and Sinclair, and just don't like the tweets so much.

dinthebeast said...

As someone who has actually been homeless, I can only hope those dead enders find their way to being buggered to death by sheep, or perhaps sign the big wood chipper with the robot arm claw out and repair to the forest for a nice afternoon of chunk-ription.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Losing ones shining bobble thingy of sparkling distinction like the John Birch Society. maybe the KKK and NAZIs were fine as long as they knew their place and voted with us. I mean, SE Cupp never invited them in the party to actually be players with a voice of power, I assume?

Republicans have already scurried from the light like a cockroach to the independent and Libertarian and white nationalist parties.
There is the Koch Brothers party. They inhabit approx one fourth of the House republican Representatives. A Third Reich party. Owned and operated by Charles and David's Koch industries. They have their own Supreme Court Judge (Gorsuch). They just branched off the republican party. The Freedom Caucus are republicans. In case SE Cupp has been too busy with twirling her little Reagan cap with the propeller on top..

SE Cupp is advertising to the GOP big money donors that, she wants in on the money to be made in the new marketing re branding propaganda extravaganza to be brothel ed on Americas.

But, the competition is so great now after Citizens United.

With Russia, China, Mid Eastern royals all biding.

She can talk to Hannity who continues to claim he is so independent that he is a registered "conservative party" member. Rand paul is in the Libertarian dog food section available at most stores. The Dowd independent both sider republican refuge party. It would be remiss of me not to mention the White nationalist party of Trump. The fictional novel Ayn Rand party of Paul Ryan. And the Cocaine Mitch party of Pedophiles for the Senate party.

SE Cupp has so many choices.
What she does not elude to is failures of having our government divided into more parties. The billionaire extraordinaire parties of the Mercers, Kochs, Adelsons Et Al.
All the extreme caucuses in the congress only makes for less compromise and more extreme dictatorial degrading draped onto the citizens like apartheid.

In response to SE Cupp on this ,
I need to raise money . Because money is speech and speech is not any more. Thanks to SE Cupp and her political leaning endeavors.

So I can hire Joe Biden to go on the media and tell SE Cup on single word in a manner only Biden can speaketh it.

That one word, "MALARKEY".
but hey, a sane grasp and relevance was never one of SE Cupp's valued characteristics.

dinthebeast said...

I would like to apologize for my shortsighted and thoughtless comment wherein I suggested that I might be amused by those dead-enders being run through a wood chipper.
Upon a moment's reflection, I of course realized the danger in such a suggestion, i.e. that each individual chip might slither off and grow an entirely new dead ender, thus vastly multiplying the annoyance they visit upon the sane in this country.

-Doug in Oakland

Qahir Makhani said...

She could do a Richard Painter and join the Dems (he's gone all in, esp with Universal Healthcare). But that would require principles ....