Tuesday, May 15, 2018

She Loved Big Brother

From CEO Mary Buchzeiger in Crain's Detroit Business
How my president's tariffs would cripple my company

I am a business owner, a proud Republican, and a voter who supports President Donald Trump's campaign to level U.S. trade imbalances.

I am also angry, frustrated and a little scared, because the unintended consequences of the president's $50 billion tariffs on China would cripple my business in Auburn Hills and strip my 50 employees of their good-paying jobs.

This is crazy...
From "1984" by George Orwell
'That's the one you ought to be taking, not me!' he shouted. 'You didn't hear what he was saying after they bashed his face. Give me a chance and I'll tell you every word of it. He's the one that's against the Party, not me.' The guards stepped forward. The man's voice rose to a shriek. 'You didn't hear him!' he repeated. 'Something went wrong with the telescreen. He's the one you want. Take him, not me!'
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... I wonder: Does President Trump know that his tariff on imported components threatens almost every manufacturing job in Michigan?

Does he know that my little company in my little corner of Michigan would lose 90 percent of its business overnight? Does he understand that a 25 percent tax on the components Lucerne uses would evaporate my profit margins? That it would shut us down?

I don't think he does. Because I know my president cares...
Back to "1984"
He gazed up at the enormous face. Forty years it had taken him to learn what kind of smile was hidden beneath the dark moustache. O cruel, needless misunderstanding! O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast! Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.
Something about sowing.

Something about reaping.

Something Ms. Buchzeiger would never, ever understand.

Digby picks up the story here.
Reality Bites: Trump screws his own voters

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ELSKY said...

If only the Fuhrer knew....

Unknown said...

So I was reading a story in the LA Times. Interviewing a farmer in the San Joaquin Valley. Trump voter of course.

He was complaining about the tarriffs and the immigration raids (on his workforce). But he still supported Trump. A little pain is worth it he said.

Then he says that business is usually better and he makes more money under the Democrats and there's a lot of stuff that goes wring when the GOP is in charge. Then he says he doesn't vote for Democrats becuse they do all this 'regulating of business'.


There is no fixing them.

Robt said...

How the "blood and soil" and "Jews will not replace me? Bannon Crowd / Trump base feel about lighting their Tiki toarches for Trump now?

Noticed that when Obama recieved the Nobel. The right said he did not deserve it and besides, the Nobel is a stupid Poo-Poo prize that is a liberal thingy.

But the outcry to give Trump the Nobel was like rolling the dice and they land on 13. That odd! Should Donny get the Nobel like the black president that was born in Kenya even though the N. Korean love fest is off and Kim no give up nookie ?

Who would have thought MAGA included making the Chinese ZTE profitable and hiring Chinese workers back. Using American efforts and wealth.

Trump is a very special individual. Unlike the rest of us, that could not do what he does.

I admit openly, Only Trump could do these things.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Yuge Brother. Just a suggestion. :)

Be seeing you.

trgahan said...

Leading up to the election western U.S. cattle ranchers were mad ay Trump for being anti-TPP because that trade agreement was going to open Asian markets to America beef, which would have been a windfall to a dying industry.....guess which way they voted?

As the 2016 voter study "Liberals were right all along, it was White Fear and Resentment" published a few weeks ago confirmed, Ms. Buchzeiger loves Big Brother because he has been promising her a place at the top of the ash heap in exchange for her unquestioning "Proud Republican!" loyalty for over 30 years.

RUKidding said...

The Maryland seafood industry has lost 40% of seasonal workers due to Trump's policies re "illegals." There are stories out there (can't find one just now) about local small business owners - who, of course, are PROUD Trump voters/supporters - bewailing their fate and how they just can't find workers to harvest the seafood (of course, the notion of perhaps raising pay to attract all of those "economically anxious" white men doesn't seem to cross their minds).

I read one article where a guy was saying something like "If only Trump could come here and SEE what's going on... for SURE he'd "understand" and "help" us (hire darkies on the sly)"


But they're still loud and proud of Trump and won't back down and say that they made a BIIIIIG mistake in voting in this shithole. Nah. Too happy to be bigoted asshole shitholes to change their tunes now.

Equally I've seen loads of articles about Central Valley Calif farmers bewailing their fate about not having enough "illegals" (they carefully dance away from using that terminology) to pick their crops at less than minimum wage in unsafe conditions. Nay verily, why raise pay and improve working conditions to attract "economically anxious" white men when maybe you can get some illegal to abuse on the cheap?

But those farmers will never, ever stop worshipping & voting for their tinpot grifting Lord & Master, no matter what he does & no matter how badly they suffer from his policies and actions.

And so on and so forth.

As stated previously, there's no reaching these people. Hopeless. They LOVE LOVE LOVE being bigoted, sexist, racist, homophobic, nasty, shitty assholes too much to ever change.

GOTV for Democrats. It's the only solution.

dinthebeast said...

Crack the Sky, from 1989:

Standing room only at L.A.X
I trade my ticket for some cigarettes
I won't believe it till they dissapear (sic)

The president's hiding on a submarine
See how he runs away from history
I won't believe it till they dissapear (sic)
I won't believe it till I dissapear (sic)

After all we've been through
Doesn't it seem a little funny to you
We should all shine from the violet blue
And now we're calling you
From the greenhouse

All of the warriers have gone away
I sit and watch the sky, waiting for the rain
I won't believe it till I dissapear (sic)
I won't believe it till I dissapear (sic)
I won't believe you till I dissapear (sic)



-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

On a positive level.

The U.S. Senate releases testimonies of of many hearing over Russia interference in election.

Something the House GOP refused to do.
So the Senate walled off the Koch House tea potters (nearly 1 forth house republicans). The House Trump loyalists of the Sheldon Adelsons and Mercers, Et Al. Putting on display the House GOP (Nenes's). Foundation-ally, the Senate aligns their report so far with the Deep State, the FBI, CIA, the fake news and me.
The press mediate fascination report is Donny Jr who can't recall there is no conspiracy, collusion, or ever doing anything wrong. Not even jaywalking. Can't recall under oath certain events. Like the blocked number call. What he said in the Former Trump Tower Russian/Trump campaign meeting.

Much for me to read no. Thanks to the Senate.
Most amusing is the Trump media clown lawyer (Rudy) avoids making and trying any of this testimony in his clown media court.

yes, there are times to smell the fragrant flowers no matter how ever so brief a bloom.