Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Ripped From Today's Headlines at America's White Supremacist Journal of Record

Fear of the Left: The Most Powerful Force in America Today


Conservatives are keeping quiet about their beliefs...
If Only Hillary Had Won . . .


Leakers and lawbreakers rewarded with Clinton-administration jobs — and the American public none the wiser about deep-state corruption...
State of the Resistance


The disgraceful White House Correspondents Dinner, and other problems...

Mind you, this is the ne plus ultra of America's current crop of right wing Brain Wizards.

This is the God damn intellectual vanguard of Conservatism's bold resurgence.

I like our chances.

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Robt said...

As Trump has said, "Only he can do it", Wages are too high" And "every deal made before him (especially by the black one) are all bad". This goes for the failing U.S. Constitution.

T-Rex Tillerson who failed to get his Russia/ Exxon deal didn't really need the extra millions after all but did call the only one that can fix things, "a Moron".

Now John Kelly who helped Trump get elected with disdain for Americans he was forced into defending in the military to tout his valor. Now. Now says that dude he so supported is an "Idiot".
Ah? Is the politically correct response of this to be, "Bless you John Kelly may I have another"?

The Trumpster fire has burned respect of everyone that drools out the side of the orange shithole. Now that I said this, I too can be criticized, stoned to death at the altar of republican Brotherhood.

As for the tugging at media's celebrities of (achem) news. Who did and does everything to promote Trump's superiority and the public disdain for everyone else.
it is almost ass if they were around during the witch burning, how they would break out the marshmallows as they "reported on it"

Documenting the Lynchings in the south is one thing. Promoting it and rationalizing the rise of statues of established normal behavior is another thing.

The republicans now get to be a loyal trump penis worshiper as they also try to shove that religious, moral, Reagan conservatism (like the compassionate conservatism that sank on its initial golden voyage).

Rationalize this,
The party of Lincoln now says there are some good KKK members over there at the lynching.

For the patriots,
Pep talk prior to Omaha Beach invasion"
'as you soldiers hit the beach and establish your defensive position. As you move to punch through the NAZI lines. Please keep in mind while they are doing everything they can to kill you. There are many of them that are good and nice people.
So make sure before returning fire. That you are not endangering these nice guys and only take aim that the bad ones.

Sort of a republican definition of the "political correctness" that, yes they not only deplore in others but only to be used as they declare.

My burning question is;
If the special prosecutor has finding that most see Trump's guilty of. Conspiracy with Russians, Obstruction of Justice. That includes accountability for the Devin Nunes's Cover up/ obstructions.

From Gorsuch to ever Presidential Executive Order to each bill signed into law by this now impeached and removed president.
How in the heavens, does all his fool nannery he committed stand?

Why would not the Tax cuts be invalid. An invalid president sign it into law?
Many in Congress who get held to legal accountability voted for such.

Why are we stuck to his foreign policy?
His Russia butt lovin'?

just asking.

'Bolt Upright said...

Victor Davis Hanson?!

Jeez...is Nickleback also touring again?

trgahan said...

"I like our chances."

I would to, but, as you've already documented, the crackpot oligarchs who pay to keep the National Review even in circulation have also worked/paid off the MSM referees.

So, when even allowed on the public stage, liberals are forced to seriously answer for the accusations throw out by the White Supremacist Journal of Record WITHOUT dismissing it as such.

Davis Statton said...

They couldn't find an unflattering picture of Michelle, so they drew one.

Davis Statton said...

Conrad Black...where have I heard that name? Oh, yes, he did time for fraud and obstruction of justice.

Brian D. O'Neill said...

Victor Davis Hanson - So to distract from Trump's cornucopia of scandal, he writes an alternative history fairy tale that enumerates the fictional scandals of a pretend, alt. universe Clinton Administration.

Isn't this asshole supposed to be a historian? This is the best he can do to deflect criticism from the most corrupt Presidency in out history?

What color is the sky in this clown's world? Red?

Robt said...

it has already happened but soft fuzzy and little to no coverage. Local elections mind you.

Republican primary.

KKK member runs against NAZI candidate in GOP primary.

The question I would like hammered to the GOP is,
You seem to be overly comfortable in policy of dismissing and blocking "certain undesirables" into your party and extending to your private and business arenas.
Why is it you do not screen out those criminal to mentally ill who want to join your party and run as a representative of the GOP. As a NAZI or say a Klansman. David Duke in fact ran in the GOP.
What is it mr or Mrs GOP chair?

eddie blake said...

wait, not THAT conrad black,

you know, of black, manafort, stone and kelly?

they REALLY are fucking zombies.


Qahir Makhani said...

Because people don't know their rights. If they did, every republican in congress along with their benefactors would be spending life behind bars. Why don't Democrats let people know their rights/extent of their rights? Simple- lets them get paid for doing nothing.
This isn't a both sides issue, there are distinctions and degrees involved- like manslaughter and murder. However, the end result of both crimes is that the person who no longer breathes can't come back to life.

jim said...

That Obama issue bears an uncanny resemblance to both The Watchtower & a Scientology tract.