Friday, May 18, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #441

"Don't ever say anything you don't want played back to you someday."
-- John Gotti, mobster

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dinthebeast said...

As the complete lack of human decency among the, shall we call them "Trump administration" (although that doesn't really work because congressional Republicans are just as bereft of morality, and there are more than a few Republican governors who have literally killed poor people by failing to expand Medicaid) becomes, shall we say, harder to conceal on a personal level, which in the age of Fox is the only way it ever comes out to those who don't normally perceive it, will white women stay engaged long enough to vote their gender instead of their race this time?
Or will the constant stream of school shootings scare the younger folk enough to actually show up and vote this time?
Either of those, or even a partial combination of the two will get us some of what we need in November.
While I still believe this country is not fully fascist, and have hopes for improvement of our fortunes this cycle, I still get that awful sinking feeling in the pit of my gut when I watch them lie, and roll out this year's version of the propaganda machine, and prepare their vote cheating now targeted by data, stolen and otherwise...
...Then I just hope that the farce and corruption is as obvious as it seems, and that a few more of us than usual will show up this time.
It kinda helped to vote this week, and to have a sort of strategy for doing so that I think will actually work, but even that doesn't show up until after election day next month.
So thanks again for the podcast. I get all jittery when the election news isn't what I think it should be, even though I know ahead of time that it will do that, it's still my health insurance hanging in the balance, so I never really just calm the fuck down about it. So the podcast does help me quite a bit. Even here in this ultra liberal enclave, I don't really hear a lot of liberal conversation, and it's good to be reminded that it does, in fact, still exist.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

GOP have a lot of promoted "trigger" words to extract the exact responses from those programmed mind dumb bots.

Still think Pelosi had something to do with Trump bringing Rudy to his MAGA Team. But then, I am not in disarray like Trump. having being told to drop his draws for China and N. Korea. Now they plan on bending him over in front of the world.. I am positive the right wing will be able to point at Obama, HRC even the deep state if necessary. Thing is, Trump can always blame his own republicans in congress like Cocaine Mitch or the one Senator that means nothing because he is dying.

The Trump forces making the public battle cry from all along as "NO Colluision" And now chanting, "even if I did collude. it is normal politics"..!

As the winger programming downloads to the new Russian virus included for the base.
Observing the base have their memory of a half hour ago. memory of No Collusion> To now moaning in a cultist chant,, Collusion is good.
the hilarity of this 1820 Sci-FY "B" movie movie remake With extra budget cuts). Where the use Popsicle stick figures for the extras in casting.As the Chuck Todd, Dowd's, Et AL. lHype and advertise this as a brilliant movie to watch.

Again, it is like choosing Todd Aikin as your election opponent.

The over all silence of the cable news on the Missing children taken away from their migrant parents.
What the right wingers would be screaming if this was Obama. "Obama is taking children and enslaving them into sex trade at a pizza joint in the basement.
And every network, totes this narrative for a week., at least.

How the right dumps and criticizes American citizens who religiously lean Muslim.. You know, they will not turn in those terrorists and they know them. That line........

Well, the Christians that sit by in prayer or support in any manner Trump to separate these children, punish the poor and weak. make me ill will disgust

I still have this itching . The same itch after Prosecutor Fitzgerald indicted Scooter Libby and got the conviction.
As Patrick Fitzgerald publicly stated. "A dark Cloud hangs over VP Cheney in this".
As the prosecutor was not allowed to pursue Cheney and Libby first got his sentence commuted and later full pardon. High crimes by republicans is not illegal.

Russia if your listening.

Eelease Devin Nunes's emails. All of them

trgahan said...

From what I've experienced here in this part of Real America(TM) Red State, "Democrats are in Disarray" is getting pimped because Shuck Todd et al. would be fired if they acknowledged reality.

Locally, yes Democrats dislike Trump, but are, still running on education, healthcare, criminal justice reform, fair access to the ballot, etc.

Conversely, Republicans are still pushing austerity for all under 1 million net worth, legal apartheid, and sacrificing even more of the state apparatus in hopes Pharaoh will bless them with an Amazon warehouse or something.

Just how do you think THAT discussion would go on Meet the Press?

Also, every day I become more convinced that at least the next four elections from 2018 through at least 2024 will define if 2/3rds (soon to be 3/4) of America allows itself to be ruled by the remaining 1/3rd (soon to be 1/4) for a generation.