Friday, May 04, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #439

"Any ad which quotes what I said on Sunday is a falsehood."
-- Newton Leroy Gingrich, soulless hobgoblin
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driftglass said...

Sorry, I accidentally deleted this comment...

Sara wants to thank you for using Fiona and Lenny. A while back when you said you needed more IKOTW pictures and we didn't have any good ones of our current lord and master, I sent Sara a text asking if she had any good cat pictures and she replied "Uh, hello, have you even met me?" and promptly sent me the email I forwarded to you. This should cheer her up (I hope) as she broke her arm recently, which can ruin your whole day when you are a violinist like she is.

Yeah, as far as the "best possible outcome" thing for the political media and the Republican party, we should really make that happen if possible.
I got so damn tired of explaining why it wasn't a good idea to elect Fergus so he could "tear it all down and start again fresh" (because of, you know, all of the innocent citizens who would get mowed) that now that he's in there just buggering away at everything that holds the government up (and by extension society together) I kind of feel like it's my duty to make sure all of the corrupt bullshit does, in fact, get torn down. If we're gonna fuck up this many lives in the name of a political paroxysm of this level of folly, we should really get something worthwhile from it, and that's up to us to make happen if we want it to, because the goddamn Republicans aren't gonna do it themselves.

Thank you again for the podcast. Current events have gone from a Gish-gallop to a shitstorm, and any sanity that can be had in processing it is worth it's weight in the five great facets of modern American life.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Yes, a republican president can break the law, "shoot and kill someone on Broadway in daylight with plenty of witnesses. He is above the law. Only those inferior (non oligarchs) are bound by law. Citizens United made money speech and corporations people.
Now, we need to learn that being people is not what it used to be.

Trump legal adviser: He can't obstruct justice!:

Chris Hayes for some reason likes to have a debate with the likes of Victoria Toensing. As if there is some specific need to have her on to spew her personal opinion of law that few would subscribe and do so for a political partisan reason. So many things in this in this interview of nonsense.
There is the , “I came on with the clear agreement not to speak about the Stormy (thingy)”, Victoria.

How Victoria says she held the same position over Bill Clinton. That Clinton could have fired even the judges yet, there is nothing on record of Victoria out on the media circuit making that case for Bill C..

Toensing has all the media time on the FOX, Cnn, CBS,. Alll the right wing radio and Alt Right media where she and her republican brotherhood already exist 24/7.

The tone of superiority people as Toensing oozes in this interview is in fact, the white national only we can RULE you attitude somehow connects with the real farmer Joe rural conservative?

So much to unpack from this. For instance, why not put her on a panel of well known justice minds and give them equal time to disagree? Because Victoria would not come on hayes show? Which must mean, Chris really-really wanted her on? That his veiewers had a need for this? When they can just tune in to FOX at any time and get it?

Thanks Chris. I had this burning desire to know and hear Victoria Toensing’s supreme ruling on the matter. Not sure if Chris thinks he rebuffed her misleading and lying personal (and paid hackery) opinion.

Don’t be gas lighted. Here is some gas lighting for your consumption.