Thursday, May 17, 2018

Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

A couple of years ago Mr. Matthew Dowd no only blocked me because I routinely and publicly  calling him out over the Both Siderist, Trump-enabling horseshit he peddled for a living.

Not only blocked me (which is fine by me; I've been thrown out of much classier joints than that) but went out of his way to insult people who read my little blog.

Apparently the idea that some nobody blogger out in the middle of Middle America could run rings around his fatuous bumper-sticker-grade political drivel did not sit well with ABC News' chief political analyst.

And yet, a year later...
Beltway Math is such that "a few months" = "nearly two years", because that's the direction the bandwagon is heading, and by God Almighty, Mr. Dowd is damn well gonna be on that God damn bandwagon retroactively no matter how much history he has to redact, rewrite or simply ignore to do it. 

But whether it was a few months ago, or a year, or slightly longer, step back soak in the fact that  ABC News' chief political analyst now wants credit for catching up with where Liberals were 25 years ago.  Including one Liberal who Mr. Dowd blocked and insulted less than a year ago for saying exactly what ABC News' chief political analyst  would now like a pat on the head and a fucking lollipop for finally figuring out.  

There really is a Club, boys and girls.

And you and I are absolutely not welcome there.

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Robt said...

-----Got to be my favorite.

Matthew Dowd

let the clinton stuff go. Trump is president elect. And let's concentrate on that, and future leaders. Not the past.

* A Network News Anchor without a past is a person who knows not from whence he came nor where he is going.

Robt said...

I find this Dowdy a dandy

Matthew Dowd

I have said this for nearly two years: we in the media/press job should not be balance, it should be pursuit of the truth. If people being interviewed do not consistently tell the truth, we should not be giving them a platform. We should be biased towards truth, end of story.

Cute use of the word, "er". by Dowd.
" If people being interviewed do not consistently tell the truth, we should not be giving them a platform."

Then how would Dowd and his network get access to these people? There would be NO republicans on his controlled network air time, because they would not come on if they cannot lie and bullshit and get the host to go along.
And what about the criteria to speak about . Agreed on prior to going on the show?

When Dowd speaks about forgetting the past. Let it go. HRC lost. It is he who brings it up, rubs his shit in his hair for all to smell.

Is ashamed of his past. His obsession with HRC emails and other right wing criticisms. But his Network pointed cameras at empty podiums awaiting Trump.

They repeated the FOX on their air. To make sure they were fair and balanced at the truth for Trump.

Dowd does understand, we had to get over it and Trump will not let us live without it>
But hey, For Dowd, the NRA in bed with Putin and funneling Russian money into a Trump campaign he still claims he self funded his campaign. And he Dowd is tweety birding while a real news anchor would be getting answers for who the press is supposed to serve (but doesn't).

Is Dowd working on forgeting about a half a billion dollars from China to Trump's Indo amusement/ hotel and Golf course development and what he gave to China that belonged to Americans for his own profit. Or how about the hared - Watar financial extorting?

And Dowd's great advice is his brilliant words to "get over it".
Seek the truth and you shall find it?

Or maybe I am confusing Dowd for one of those high top mountain Tibetan Monks who has all those silly saying like Confusios.

Knight of Nothing said...

On a related note, Gerson has something to say -

RUKidding said...

"I have said this for nearly two years: we in the media/press job should not be balance, it should be pursuit of the truth. If people being interviewed do not consistently tell the truth, we should not be giving them a platform. We should be biased towards truth, end of story."


What a lying shithole fundamentally ridiculous Matthew Dowd is.

And Michael Gerson, no office Knight of Nothing, can go stick it where the sun don't shine. It's thanks to Never Trump shithole fucks like Gerson that the orange shithole is large and in charge now. Too late for the likes of Gerson's ever-so-"intellectual" bullshit about how Trump has riled up the bigoted, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic Morans. No, Gerson - it's not Trumpism, and you fucking well KNOW it. STFU. It's REPUBLICANISM writ large particularly since the white flight of racists from the Democratic Party to the Republican party after the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Thanks to people like Gerson and Dowd, these racist bigoted asshole creeps have been given more and more of a platform, have been fellated and praised all across the media and have been given every "leave" to act out their racist, bigoted, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic assholery to the point where we all are now.

And like Driftglass has said over and over and over and over, us dirty fucking hippies have been pointing out THIS VERY END GAME for well over 25 fucking years.

Dowd is a highly paid jerkoff on the TAKE from the Oligarchs to fluff and fellate them into believing that somehow this is all the damn fault of those gawd-awful Libtards.

Fuck you, Dowd. At least "man" up and admit that you know damn well why the fuck you say such heinous lying bullshit week after week afte week after week. It's because your highly compensated to be a Lying Grifting Asshole on the take from the 1% to sell yourself and your country down the river... as long you got YOURS, EFF everyone else.

These bastards! These criminal lying sucking shit bastards.

You go, Driftglass. We all know who's telling TRUTH to power here, and it sure as hell ain't the likes of squiming pig cowards like Dowd and Gerson. Fuck those guys.

Charlesdillon said...

Let us not forget that he enabled W.

Robt said...

May I point out other Dowd Pigeon dropping that needs washed off his self praising as an unbiases media (newsy-Nose).

First he is not balanced on the stories he peruses and reports.

It is relevant in that he blocks people he reaches out to. Where he tells them (things) and any critical view in return. Well, he doesn't have the time for people that disagree with him.

Don't you realize he is a CBS news Anchor ?
He is so unbiased and has his Newsy-nose to the ground. He can block people with views he decides is unworthy ( From the throne of unbias). Then lecture and speak down to people. In any instance of disagreement after his talk down lecturing. That is when you (others) are too partisan and closed minded for him to continue wasting his time with.

That is fine for Mr or Mrs Social Media person. But for a News Anchor, well that is just filling his work day with net- trolling.

dinthebeast said...

"We should be biased towards truth, end of story."

Which is why you should have been fired long ago. Be careful playing with ideas that blow up in your face, Matty boy, some day you may have to answer for them.

-Doug in Oakland