Tuesday, April 17, 2018

What Hath Both Siderism Wrought?

Today, America's Sad Clown of Centrism -- Ron Fournier -- was paid a visit by one of his ideological bastard offspring.

Let's take a look shall we...
When you've spent your career defending the High and Holy Church of Both Sides Do It by handing out "Get Out Of Personal Responsibility Free Because Both Sides" cards to every wingnut in Christendom, don't be surprised when they show up at your door to redeem them any time you try to draw any attention to any case where Both Sides Don't.

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Robt said...

A slice of humble peon pie in order.

* Hannity's only confessed claim to journalism (and it's standard), is when FOX places the FOX logo, FOX News" up on the screen behind hannity. Sean has said in the past ( under journalistic fire) that he is a commentator. Look it up!
Sean has numerous times state, he is not registered as a republican. That he is registered to vote as the, "Conservative Party". A clear display of disloyalty and misguidance and misleading proven by hannity's long time words and behaviors.

In the comment, "Sean Hannity is a journalist as much as Rachel Maddow. Get over yourself." The desperate attempt at equivalence between maddow and Hannity is an example of attaching oneself to someone else to raise the level of seer sludge as a good thing.
Why not say,
Sean hannity is just as much a journalist as Alex Jones" Get over it"

The remarkable effort by those the facts harm in regards to the unfounded is the essence, because I say so and say it louder and longer without providing an iota of critical thinking.
But the hannity's high paid profile positions are waning. Enter Sinclair broadcasting. The simply pays one hostile script non union writer ideologue. Send the words down for the already in place news anchors to read word for word. As if it was true and the existing local news caster can be easily believed and trusted. For how long anyways. But Siclair is the new right wing business model that does not promote the Billo's, the hannityy's as stars with big payroll contracts.
Hannity and his ilk nearing the relic dynasty of dust and ashes the present has little need of.

What is the product? Why would consumers want it? When the right wing hate media business model and payroll cuts finally arrive in the realm of the right wing media.