Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Punxsutawney Chuck Sees His Shadow

Declares six more years of being absolutely clueless about his own fucking profession.

Which will be followed by a Very Special Meet the Press panel of his fellow Comcast employees -- Hugh Hewitt, Peggy Noonan, Rich Lowry, David Brooks, George Will, Tom Brokaw and Charlie Sykes -- who will discuss how things got so bad and why nobody trusts the media anymore (Spoiler:  Both Sides did it.)

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Robt said...

It does matter how these masters of the Universe amassed their wealth. It has a direct link of how they conclude and justify in imposing their royal legacy.

Is it the jealousy of power they see Kim Jung Un-(deniably nuts)having and flexing?

That life goal of amassing wealth at some stage in life doesn't seem to be what it is all cracked up to be. When there are others who achieved the same status that makes you mortal among other masters of the universe.

harsh I realize, but there are too many today willing to be the sales people that market the round up of people and thoughts. Promote book burning.
Like there is not enough of directions fortunes could go and leave long lasting differences to Marva. As much as any historical works that very much influenced the world to this day and for time to come.

The Sinclair shitting on Americans corporate policy. has to mandate their local news people to recite these vital words of blessings flogged apon us.

They actually tried their foreign import (non American citizen) White supremacist "Alpha- male ) reading the scripted propaganda/ They really felt Americans are ripe for the picking to be plucked like an Almond and be shelled. But the return of the Gorka Alpa male turned out . Was just a flatulence gas bag leaking profusely on live TV.

For me, it it is egregious the demand the news people to read the opines of another master of the universe strongly believes will control the masses of people he disdained all his life.
To use as fire wood on cold nights maybe.
Would Chuck Todd be of the same position if (pick you most evil liberal) perhaps Soros. And he forced Todd to read portions of Mein Kampf for Todd to read as if it was Todd's own view and opinion.
That he will be required to make it convincing. The master of the universe will be watching!

So why doesn't Siclair just find Ad time outside of news. Send foreign imports like Gorka in these Op ed roles? Again, separate of the news?

Because Siclair owns the employees and their persona/ cred. And now wants to use this resource (not person) for the master plan.

It does come down to wealth's negative influences on very negative persons.

It is like Cosby once said about a time he was at a party and someone offered him some Cocaine.

Cosby asked, "well what does it do to you"

party pal replied, "it intensives your personality".

Cosby then asked, " But what if you are an asshole"????

Andrew Johnston said...

Beautiful. "I didn't think media consolidation was so bad until I realized, hey - the guy doing it doesn't like us!"

One more little bit of proof that the modern press exists solely to benefit those who are employed in it.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Would Chuck Todd be of the same position if (pick you most evil liberal) perhaps Soros.

In response to Oliver Willis proposing more or less exactly that scenario on Twitter, August J. Pollak made a point that I for one can't make much better:

The conservative model for our entire lifetimes has been pretending this is already true as a means to defend what they’re doing.

Fox News has been excused as “fair” for 30 years because of the facetious argument that other billionaire/corporate owned networks are “liberal.”

Trump has convinced millions of his followers (or perhaps vice versa) that Jeff Bezos, a man who makes a million dollars every five minutes while virulently fighting union organization in his company where thousands of warehouse employees are on food stamps, is a socialist.

It goes beyond media. The modern right exists entirely as an attempt to validate their greed and bigotry by insisting they’re the bulwark against non existent problems. See also: flag burning, the “gay agenda,” and college students having opinions.

"The years to come promise incredibly fertile fields for the sowing of superstition, cultism, and pseudoscience; they'll grow so fast we'll wonder if there had ever really been an Age of Reason. Make no mistake, it shall be a rich harvest for industrious Skull Farmers of every creed; the brains of the all-too-willing are out there, ripening...millions of potential vegetables just waiting to be plucked, shucked, and hauled off to market."
-- Rev. Ivan Stang, High Weirdness by Mail, 1988

"The right is working the refs. And it's working."
-- Eric Alterman, What Liberal Media?, 2003

Batman 54 said...

The conservative plan for America is the plantation.

Jimbo said...

Once again, the Toddler shows, without a hint of embarrassment or self-awareness that he is among the most clueless of supposed media pundits.

Robt said...

Why does anyone think the corporate model really enjoys its labor under a communist/ dictatorial style government?

They don't have to deal with stinking unions. The deals are made via the country's leaders. Who set the pay and rules. Who take their entitled slice from the labor.

"We cannot force other countries to impose human right. Even worker rights. We can force them to obey patent rights and use government to enforce this proprietary property rights with the full force behind it. The socialized funded U.S. Military.

But Human rights to labor. Just can't be done.

A GOP ideological small government for the people and big government intrusion for the elite.

Welcome to Putin's Russia. Sponsored by, Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adleson and the Mercer Family. Because paid speech is now free speech in our constitution. You and I cannot compete.

jim said...

Bonus Boffo: David Sinclair Goebbels is pimping an anemic Christopath reboot of the circa 1978 PoMo deconstructoinist ends-justify-means con, because those yucky ethics prevent the elite from being truly liberated. All Skull & Bones alums are equal, but some Skull & Bones alums are MUCH more equal than others, you betcha!

ANOTHER closet Leninist?
Only his sommalier knows for sure.