Thursday, April 19, 2018

How I Wish We Had Been Wrong: First They Came for the File Clerks

Thirteen years ago, Liberals like me used the 10th Anniversary of the tragic Oklahoma City Bombing as one more opportunity to sound the alarm as loud as we could that any distinction between the rabid, unhinged anti-government ravings of Christian American terrorist Timothy McVeigh and the everyday language of the Republican Party had vanished.

Thirteen years later, things have only gotten worse.

First They Came for the File Clerks

Then they came for the Family Planning Clinics. 

Then they came for the “activist” judges.

Happy Anniversary, Moderate Republicans!

It’s been 10 years to the day that Ultra Right Wing Hero First Class Timothy McVeigh murdered 168 Americans in your name.

After a decade of a booming, non-stop torrent of “Government Is Evil and Must Be Annihilated!” rhetoric vomiting out of the mouths of Newt Gingrich, Tom DeLay, Dick Armey, Jerry Falwell, Bob Doren, McVeigh decided to take them at their word...

...and you fucktards threw up your hands in horror at the blank, White, zombie, unremarkable face of tax-hatin’, Clinton-hatin’, government hatin’ Tim McVeigh and shouted, “Not Us!”

Shame, shame. To get your tax cuts you eagerly hiked your skirt up and let the Right Wing fuck you and fuck you and fuck you and fuck you and fuck you and fuck you and fuck you and fuck you and fuck you and fuck you...and then, when your Love Child showed up at your door, wrapped it bloody arms around you and said, “I wuuuv you Mommy!” you gave the poor thing the back of your hand?

Where’s all that sassy talk of “Personal Responsibility” now?

Sure it’s grotesque. Hell, we’ve been telling you that it’s downright terrifying for 15-20 years now. What do you expect? It takes after its Father...but it sure as shit has your eyes.

Now a decade is a long time. A VERY long time. Hell, whole governments come and go in intervals shorter than that, so one must assume that to be taken seriously, you've must have used the last decade to aggressively purge your party of the radical lunatics that found such a big, expensive Welcome Wagon basket waiting for them at GOP Central Command. That bigotry and aggressively ignorant Fundamentalism is no longer synonymous with “Republican”. So as a proffer of your good faith – that you really aren’t the$2 Blowjob Whore of the Right Wing – tell me...

...has Tom DeLay been banished yet?
Falwell shunned?
Has Limbaugh lost so many dittoheads that he has to sell used RVs to support his hillbilly heroin monkey?
Dobson’s gone?
Is Creationism buried under Homophobia on the ash-heap of history? And those that spout that hateful nonsense, laughingstocks?
Robertson and Wildmont, kicked to the curb?
Randall Terry has been disavowed?
And no one would ever, ever think to threaten, say, judges, if you disagree with them on a ruling here or there?

On April 20, 1995 it became unambiguously clear where the demagogues and swine were leading your party, and the terribly price tag came with it. You’ve had a decade to excise the cancer that you and only you allowed to grow inside your party, and you didn’t do it. Instead you chose to water it. Feed it. Cultivate it. Harvest it.

You encouraged the carcenoma to blossom and metastasize and because you voluntarily chose to do this, you have accepted Tim McVeigh as your child.

And Eric Rudolph as your child.
And Randall Terry as your child.
And Fred Phelps as your child.
And Ann Coulter as your child.
And so many more. So many, many more.

You are obviously very proud of what your children have accomplished: if not, you would have acted otherwise.

So embrace them.

Behold, a Tip Jar!

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