Monday, April 16, 2018

Hairy Slime

Some I do just for me

Behold, a Tip Jar!


Unknown said...

No, no, not at all. You do it for a LOT of us! Thanks.

RUKidding said...

Thanks, driftglass.

Hear tell, Trump's flown to down Mar-El-Dumpo Today, as in: Monday.

Does that mean even more shit from the Cohen shithole is about to, uh, er, blow up??


Can I wander down memory lane and do Ye Olde: "Can you just imagine if Obama had done one one millionth of what Trump has done?" I mean, FFS the morans were beside themselves bc Obama ate a burger with a knife and fork and wore a tan suit once.

Unreal. Yet they cling and grasp to their tinpot lying liar grifting con artist shills, who are massively ripping them off. Massively.

Go figure.


Michael White said...

Nah, I like the third man too

jim said...


Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

"You know, we here at the Professional Left Podcast used to do a 20-minute segment called, 'Science Fiction University.' Why? Because we used to have 20 free minutes to do this, on account of having a president who wasn't a sh*tnado that attracted other sh*tnados to come together to form a megash*tnado. I want my 20 minutes back!"

Be seeing you.

Kevin Holsinger said...

(don't post this if you actually received my previous comment from before my Internet crashed)

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Remember when a Democratic President left you with 20 free minutes to dedicate to Science Fiction University? And now, if you're not talking about President Sh*tnado, you're talking about the sh*tnados he attracts?

Be seeing you.

Robt said...

* What might some sort of FOX opposite might smell like

To approach this news righteously as Hannity might.

There are people questioning.and finding things you will find hard to believe. And of course the mainstream and liberal media. (No one but FOX will discuss(not report).
Cohen's first two clients were sex hush money payoffs. There is no reason to think this is Cohen;s forte. He even paid out $1.5 million to hush up a woman who was pushed into an Abortion for her republican party member. Because these white elites want to ban abortion for everyone but them.

So we have Alex Jones and so many others reporting that Cohen paid off VP, Mike Pence's wife to stay quiet over the sexual relations (affair) between Hannity and Mike Pence. The two have had been meeting secretly for some time. many tried to say it was political strategery. As the entire world is aware of, neither Pence or hannity have any such political strategics skills. Was this just a cover story by the two.

many people say it is. But Pelosi will not comment and Micheal Moore is nowhere to be found on it. Why is the liberal media hiding this block buster story from you??
In fact, some have heard that Freedom hating billionaire liberal George Soros is behind the "mens only" dating site hannity and Pence met on.

isn't this the right bat shit wingers idea of news?

dinthebeast said...

Robt: My favorite bat just made a poopy...

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

So will your popy bat reite now?

With an $93, 300 per year (for life) pension?

After passing every legislating and supporting every thing it could to tear down rights to unionize, and rights of workers union or not. Which helped provide many retiring people with pensions. But have now reduced pension recipients nationwide down to under 30%.

Failing to repeal the ACA to use the money for tax cuts. Only to add the tax cuts to the debt by borrowing. After that announcing America is broke and how we have to cut Social Security etc.....

Because Paul Aun Rand Ryan Poopy bat retires with a life time pension of $94, 300. Oh, did I mention other benefits and health care?

IIf I seem anxious for Right winger bat hunting season.

It is only because hunting witches is not my thing.

You only need concern if you are a right wng bat during open bat season.

The 2018 premiere of , "the Putin;s Apprentice". is a real flop and downer.
My advice, don;t waste time watching it.