Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Don't Worry Kids, Kevin Williamson Is Gonna Be Fine

Because the Wingnut Welfare drive-thru window is always open.

Behold, a Tip Jar!


jim said...

Boy what a scary mob ... they might offer me hugs & Mueslix!
*USSR anthem plays*

Guessing that "Militant" includes lack of fealty to the indefensible wet toilet-paper guardrail that is the Electoral College - or Citizens United ... or wanting everyone's votes to have the same weight in elections.

Betamax said...

'The totalitarians arguments always end up in the same place'.

Usually by pretending that those pushing back and protesting against perennial right-wing/neofascist dickery and institutionalised prejudice are somehow culpable for the very same crimes, indignities and injustices inflicted upon them and using that as a pretext to quintuple down on those abuses.

Basically, another tear-stained tract about how actions have suddenly and mysteriously become linked to concequences for people like Williamson.

Lawrence said...

It struck me yesterday that all these publications looking to hire a (sic) Reasonable Conservative to bring some diversity to their opinion page seem to have never heard of Mike Loftgren. The man writes well, and is no DFH, despite being a Republican apostate. Could it be that Mike has no qualms about explaining that the Republicans are the problem? I'll have to look up his blog, as I haven't seen him linked anywhere for a while.