Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Dear Sekrit Liberal Media Conspiracy

If this is what being cruelly silenced and oppressed by the Sekrit Liberal Media Conspiracy looks like --

-- please begin silencing and oppressing me immediately.

Also, my wife reminds me to ask what kind of signing bonus and dental plan my silencing comes with, and if my cruel oppression rates one parking space or two?

Yours in Christ,

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Betamax said...

Williamson is the latest totem being winched into place in the scorched crater Milo Y used to occupy. He wont be the last.

The question is, will he be just another flavour of the month whackjob condiment the right will smear on their red meat, or will he actually leverage his imaginary persecution into a permanent kneeling spot at the RWNJ/'fair and balanced' trough?

Andrew Johnston said...

When the Twitter Mob Came for Me

Okay, I didn't read this one, but I'm assuming that they took an old Lee Siegel interview and did a quick find-replace to change "blogs" to "social media" and called it good.

Peter Janovsky said...

Special joint appearance on Bill Maher by Williamson and Jordan Peterson this week. “Free speech for fascists edition”