Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Woman Tempted Me And I Did Redecorate

It today's episode of "Which Trump Administration Douchbag Is The Douchiest?" Donald Trump's pet grifting superjesus fanboy, Ben Carson, jumps into the lead by feeding his wife to the wolves.
Ben Carson throws his wife under the bus for purchase of $31,000 dining set

Ben Carson, the secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, suggested Tuesday that his wife, Candy Carson, was to blame for the purchase of a $31,000 mahogany dining room set for his office.

During testimony before a House committee, Carson said HUD's dining room furniture needed to be replaced for safety reasons...

"I left it with my wife," he said. "The next thing that I, quite frankly, heard about it was that this $31,000 table had been bought."

A HUD spokesman initially denied that Carson and his wife had anything to do with the purchase and said the table was bought by "career staffers in charge of the building."

But internal emails show that HUD staffers repeatedly consulted with Candy about redecorating the office.
The GOP is nothing but monsters all the way down.

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RUKidding said...

Pretty damn douchey, but perhaps still outdone by Freddo Junior with his hot and horny luuuuv affair with some "reality" tv show nitwit whilst still married to wifey-poo (who is now, finally - what took so long?? - divorcing him).

So many douchebags doing so very many douchey things... so hard to choose.

Yeah, I read this damn story. What a fuckwit. And a greedy grifting shithole assbag. Typical Republican, though: ALWAYS blame it on someone else. NEVER take personal responsibility for anything. What else is frickin new with these douchebags?

That aside, that painting! I've seen that POS far too often, but it always looks to me like 2 dudes after having a hot and heavy, uh, "meeting," that went very well, thankyewverymuch, and please pass the cigarette, brah.

the salamander said...

something about 'quite frankly' seems insincere..
Its like 'to be perfectly honest'
or 'in the fulsomness of time'

Like what tops those..
'jebuz said' ?
or 'in the name of the prophet' ?

I prefer people who are complete scumbags
just lie to my face.. stamp their foot a few times
I like the added emphasis

Professor Fate said...

God they are all utterly appalling yes? Hey Ben when did Jesus say it's okay to bear false witness and toss your wife under the bus at the same time? Before or after you guys posed for the painting?
Gad these people.

Robt said...

Carson is too busy cutting funding and housing for those HUD is there as its primary purpose.

Throwing people out of homes (those that do not deserve or belong in HUD housing Is an important undertaking by only as a Trump person could do.

Maybe if he took time (I know) to go out and inspect the many unsafe discrepancies of HUD housing.

He may find the need to by all those in HUD housing a new safe $31K dining set as well.

Sort of like Pruitt and his safety and sanity. Having to fly first class or private jets because of all those pesky Americans that end up around him.

He so loves America but so hates Americans.

One thing for sure, I fully expect a very aggressive Dem party if they gain a majority in the House and or the Senate. Very aggressive.

Enough to remove Gorsuch for smiling too much and holding the seat open until the next president.

That kind of aggressive is what I am talking about. That sort of accountability.

Like appointing a special prosecutor to look into Nunes, abdication of his oath of office to Speaker Ryan's enabling of Russian influence and attacks on American elections and government. Or as some people say, "Traitorism"

Batman 54 said...

Not a failure of conservatism. It's a feature.

Robt said...

Your on to something

Carson's conservative problem here is, he needs to spend even more and do it anyways. Instead of getting all Libtard accountable for his actions.

Like he should double down and buy a $500 million dollar yacht to hold meetings and luncheons. I am sure their is enough people relying on HUD that can be cut off to raise that $500 Million .
Blame aunt hharriet next time.

jim said...

Troll's Remorse: timeless but not always timely.

Burr Deming said...

I like the biblical allusion to Genesis in the title. Carson's Adam to his wife's Eve.