Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

Abbreviated Jeff Zucker/Rick Santorum Edition.

Honestly, I would have had no idea that disgraced fundy muppet Rick Santorium said this shit today --
Santorum: Instead of calling for gun laws, kids should take CPR classes

CNN commentator and former Pennsylvania GOP Sen. Rick Santorum on Sunday suggested students protesting for gun control legislation would be better served by taking CPR classes and preparing for active shooter scenarios.

"How about kids instead of looking to someone else to solve their problem, do something about maybe taking CPR classes or trying to deal with situations that when there is a violent shooter that you can actually respond to that," Santorum said on CNN's "State of the Union."...
-- were it not for the fact that CNN capo Jeff Zucker pays disgraced fundy muppet Rick Santorium a great deal of money to go on teevee and say shit like this, week after week after week.

Jeffrey Zucker, who spent 2016 making sure that the likes of Kayleigh McEnany and Paris Dennard and Jeffrey Lord and Corey Lewandowski and Katrina Pierson always had a place at CNN's table.  

Jeff Zucker who, just this week, took irony out behind the CNN parking garage and beat it to death with a shovel when he scolded Fox News for doing a "disservice to the country"...

...for cozying up... openly and shockingly... President Stupid...

...that they now constitute...

...a "state-run TV" propaganda machine.

Jeff Zucker, who would pay the USA Freedom Kids one million US dollars to chorus-kick a baby through a box fan if he thought it would get him a nice bump in the ratings.  After which he would dance his Jeff Zucker Victory Jig, far away from prying, judging eyes:

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dinthebeast said...

Speaking as someone who has actually been shot at, I always find it interesting when those who never have and never will get shot at try to give advice to those who have and likely will again.

-Doug in Oakland

RUKidding said...

UGH. Santorum. Disclaimer: I am unfortunate enough to have a sibling who is - shudder, retch, vomit - "friends" with that charlatan asshole grifter. Let's face it: that hypocritical shithole is bound to spew shit like this from his shithole bc WTF does this douchebag asshole DO "for a living"??? By my reckoning, he hasn't "worked" in years, and yet, voila! somehow he has money enough to lead the "good life." Scum sucking bottom dwelling disgusting perverted debased shithole. Getting up on his hind legs to bray out debased debauched shit for the NRA. Go fuck yourself, Santorum.

And double that for Jeff Zucker.

Wasn't it Zucker who took lead away from Fake Noise in providing the Orange Foolious with BILLIONS in free advertising during the campaign, all while Trump and his foolish Nazi "base" whined and cried - like a common Hitler - about CNN's "fake news"?? Wasn't it CNN that spent hours with a camera focused on an empty podium breathlessly awaiting the arrival of the Hitler-wannabe?

UGH. These debased entities. So disgusting. Shitholes one and all.

Frank McCormick said...

I've been shouting "Why?" all afternoon. Thanks for the reminder of who AND why.

This country is flushing itself down the toilet in the long run in the name of short term profit.

RUKidding said...

In addition to everything else that's patently disgusting about Santorum, I recall that he and his deplorable wife brought home a fetus in a jar from a miscarrage for his kids to worship or something before burying it.

Yeah, Santorum, part of the crowd that purports to worship the fetus as the holy of holies, which never must be aborted because sanctity of life.

However, as has been duly noted endlessly ad nauseum, once you come outta the birth canal, then yer on yer own. STFU. Get a jawb. Stop being a lousy lazy loser moocher with yer hand out expecting something for nothing. And NOW: find some way to learn CPR to deal with living in an artificially created WAR, Inc Zone because the NRA and the gunz 'n ammo industry are the new Morlock, which must be FED with endless USA murdered children. Consider yourself lucky to be sacrificed to our overlords if you are "stupid" enough to get in the way of a stray bullet.

Lawrence said...

It's stupid advice even on it's own terms. CPR doesn't fix getting shot. Although telling kids to take a battlefield medic class so they can patch a sucking chest wound probably would have come out flat. Even in the great fellatiorum of a television studio.

tony in san diego said...

Fuck you Santorum. That's what being a kid means: having other people solve your problems. What a moral monster.

Karen Crosby said...

Awesome. You have out done yourself. Many thanks

Charlesdillon said...

Has anyone mentioned lately what a colassal dick Santorum is?

trgahan said...

"...if he thought it would get him a nice bump in the ratings."

Can't help but wonder that IF it is indeed true that it's all about the ratings/clicks/shares/subscriptions AND, demographically, conservatism is literally a dying market then IS it logical to conclude that trolling liberals the only way for Zucker/NYT/etc. increase anything?

Or is it just a fight over what portion of the FoxNews audience they can peal away for a few minutes each day when the reprogrammable meatbags go looking for SOMETHING to confirm their bias as fed to them by Fox and Friends that morning?

Cause, as your photo montage suggests, it more looks like our media is in the pocket of a specific segment of societal "elite" and their 2016 behavior was the same as the run up to the Iraq War.

Robt said...

"Abortions are the very worst thing in the universe. With there sinful satanic
abortion doctors".

Without any self awareness f what he thinks he advocates and lectures for. Santorum is basically advocating that, "late term abortions are the best if, a gun is used to bypass the abortion doctor and clinics""

hey man on Dog Rick, the kids are forced already to go thru all the "shooter" drills at school.
Rick probably wants right wing religious preachers to go into the schools and teach the kids how to dole out last rights since the kids are right there on the spot before their friends die.
I hear the Florida school CPR class was disrupted by a right wing hate filled kid who consumed all Rick's ideological hate and decided to make the statement as a suicide shooter for Santorum's cause.
The discussions that need to be viewed in the media (if it must) requires someone other than a Wayne La Pierre paid employee to present a real, well informed position instead of just putting Santorum (and the likes) on and saying there are others that weakly disagree with you.

There again, Putting on 25 NRA devotees and two opposing views of moderation.
Well, those NRA ads paid to the network better be worth it.