Tuesday, March 27, 2018

S.E. Cupp Can't Help Herself

In her ongoing crusade to claw her way back from HLN cable purgatory and up the media food chain, S.E. Cupp (2005 CPAC "It" Girl) could not resist turning nine paragraphs of her half-assed "Save Yourself, Melania!" New York Daily News newshole gristle into the one millionth Hillary Clinton hit job. 
Melania, don't repeat Hillary's mistake: Leave Donald, and set the right example for a generation of girls
Reciting the "Hillary Sucks!" prayer is the pundit version of saying grace: an incantation repeated by rote before picnicking on their hatred for her.  Because there is no cheaper and lazier way keep your spot on the wingnut welfare chow line than taking a swipe at Hillary Clinton on your way to the dessert cart.  

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Robt said...

There isn't much interest in the David Dennison republican party for a SE Cupp size wearing conservative female.

Trump's new republican party female models are of two distinct looks. The in your face working mule (Huckabee). Then the super model / porn star babes, the other kind of working on her back mule. Stormy, Malania, Ivanka.

SE Cupp needs to realize and take her station in life. It may not be as glamorous as Dana Loasch's with the NRA in her brief moment of distinct odor about to be Frabreezed.

Why can't SE Cupp get with the GOP base program and swallow? Is She out of mulligans?

RUKidding said...

Ah yes. Just like entitled legacy silver spoon Meghan McCain falls back on one reliable rightwingnut playbook - that of: oh you horrid LIEbrul commie teens don't talk nicely enough, so: la la la laaaa can't heeeaar you - so SE Cupp falls back on the ever-popular Bash Hillary Clinton Playbook, which is even more widely beloved than the LibTards iz haterz who dont talk gud so why listen to 'em Playbook.

The meme about how all would be forgiven if ONLY Hillbot had dumped Bubba over Monica is specious, of course. My mother (may she RIP) tried that one me back in the day. What I did say to mom was: "Hillary was damned if she did leave Bill and damned if she didn't by you Republicans. If she had left Bill, you'd be braying at me about how she broke her marriage vows, and how she should pray to Jeebus and stand by her man."


So, eh? SE Cupp can go stick it where the sun don't shine. She's past her Sell-by date anyway.

bluicebank said...

Damn. Now putting "Breaking Bad" onto my watch-again list.

Thanks to Drift. Back at ya, Bob Mueller re "The Wire":


Charles Pierce said...

How could you have not sought out the Rev. Penniman for his opinion?


Tom Shefchik said...

Ha! The New York Daily news. How embarrassing for poor mousy little Essie "Sippy" Cup.