Friday, March 02, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #430

"How was I to know she was with the Russians, too?"
-- Warren Zevon, Lawyers, Guns and Money
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jim said...

Yeah, the apt analog for Combover Caligula isn't Hitler - it's Petain or Quisling.

Make Vichy Great Again!


Decor-Gate flashes me back to those swinging soulless Eighties, watching Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's redoubtable spouse Mila (aka Imelda Of The North) outed for shitting away $48,000 on a coffee table ... which was of course also butt-fugly to boot. Her corporate stooge hubby has since been casually retconned with such buttery smoothness that his warm rapport with Trudeau scarcely twitches an eyebrow in 2018.

Robt said...

If some editor took George Orwell;s 1084 and combined it with the Ayn Rand's Atlas S hugged series.

Put it in a blender and pour it out as ink onto the printing press.

It would produce the nearest to reality America is witnessing and reading through today and by the minute.

dinthebeast said...

Blue Gal reminded at the beginning of the podcast of my favorite Ani DiFranco song, called "Willing to Fight" that I always go back to when I need a good kick in my ass about "being motivated" to make real things happen:

The windows of my soul
Are made of one way glass
Don't bother looking into my eyes
If there's something you want to know,
Just ask
I got a dead bolt stroll
Where I'm going is clear
I won't wait for you to wonder
I'll just tell you why I'm here
'Cause I know the biggest crime
Is just to throw up your hands
This has nothing to do with me
I just want to live as comfortably as I can
You got to look outside your eyes
You got to think outside your brain
You got to walk outside you life
To where the neighborhood changes
Tell me who is your boogieman
That's who I will be
You don't have to like me for who I am
But we'll see what you're made of
By what you make of me
I think that it's absurd
That you think I
Am the derelict daughter
I fight fire with words
Words are hotter than flames
Words are wetter than water
I got friends all over this country
I got friends in other countries too
I got friends I haven't met yet
I got friends I never knew
I got lovers whose eyes
I've only seen at a glance
I got strangers for great grandchildren
I got strangers for ancestors
I was a long time coming
I'll be a long time gone
You've got your whole life to do something
And that's not very long
So why don't you give me a call
When you're willing to fight
For what you think is real
For what you think is right

Thank you again for the podcast, it really does help.

-Doug in Oakland