Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Michelle Goldberg Shocks The Dust Right Off The Mortal Remains Of Tom Brokaw


RUKidding said...

"This foul, disgusting government for a Tax Cut?"
"Sucking up to Nazis and White Supremacists for a Tax Cut?"

Yep. Hole in one.

Let us never forget that it's a Tax Cut that benefits the .001% and already heavily subsidized corporations.

But hey: break out yer Nazi salute cuz I'm SO SURE that SOME of them are "nice people"... NOT.

Jim from MN said...

The Republican/Trump embrace of Nazis, avowed pedophile Moore, Russians, traitors, wife beaters , hookers and porn star payoffs wasn't "A bridge too far" but tariffs? I'm outa here!

Charlesdillon said...

"What!? Come on!"

XtopherSD said...

Did you see this!? I can't believe it.

Neo Tuxedo said...

I didn't see it, Xtopher, and in fact can't see it. Like our host, I have the honor of having been blocked by ABC News' chief political analyst for the crime of pointing out his fundamental ridiculousness. I leave it to your discretion as to whether to copy-paste the text here; the prospect of reading his latest screed against the Krupt Duopoly (on Both Sides) reminds me of John Gabriel's immortal observation:

Wow, It's like... I want to see it? But at the same time, I don't want to see it.

JRCIII said...

Hey! Me too. He must have gone on a blocking spree recently.

trgahan said...

Is it irrational that I am starting to worry that a 2018 Blue Wave will actually save the Trump Administration and Republicans?

Even just a Democratic House will give Trump his reality show foil to hide his stupidity and incompetence, the media will get their daily Red Ant/Black Ant BOTH SIDES! fight, and 63 million re-programmable meatheads get that desperately needed excuse to just keep hating whatever FoxNews tells them to because something, something, Nancy Pelosi!!!!, something.

I know this didn't happen in 2006, but unlike then, right now we don't have a hugely unpopular cluster fuck of a war and an economy already starting a free fall.

Maybe my real worry is that, as a broad citizenry, we're just not mature enough to handle the road out of this shit show.

jim said...

Scoop for the b& victims: Matthew "Fundamentally Neurotoxic" Dowd bravely echoes Goldberg on Twitter, because it fits perfectly with his market branding as self-righteous human sinus congestion on the American body politic.

Apropos that Tuck Choad looks severely ripped to the tits in the video still: the collective "GAWSP!" from these millionaire Hairdo Delivery Systems at someone daring to go Full Captain Obvious all over their sacred gravy-train soiree says you're looking at motherfuckers who've been snorting their own supply for WAY too long now. If you wanted talking heads feckless, arrogant & culturally cloistered enough to make all the InfoWars/Breitbart/FOX paranoid gibberish seem plausible, you got 'em.

Robt said...

Naive republican or the preparation of the next re branding of a failed ideology?

Her awakening from the state of ditto head zombie rectum flaunting where she finds herself confused why Trump hasn't pivoted yet.

I ask her, How did she stay with GW Bush and GOP when GW used socialism to save Wall Street and left everyone else to languish and drown in free market principles.??

Has she asked herself,

Why do American corporations enjoy their labor in foreign countries with Communism or Dictator ruling over them?

Not just the cheap wages. The suppressed freedoms of that labor.

So she is just going to complain until she gets a more viable GOP job offer because, she has "standards"??????