Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous and Self-Negating Person

Matthew Dowd eight months ago:

Matthew Dowd today:

This is the man ABC News pays a princely sum to be their chief political analyst.

The man who blocked little ol' me and personally insulted me and my readers because I was a meany pants "hater" for bluntly pointed out that he was either completely clueless or flat-out lying when it came to the topic of what was actually going on inside the Republican Party.

Well, 2018 Mattew Dowd just called 2017 Matthew Dowd "silly".

I wonder how he'll manage to block himself?

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Andrew Johnston said...

Out of curiosity, what was the back-breaking straw that finally pushed him to block you? I've been forced to get a Twitter account for writerly reasons, which means Dowd hasn't blocked it yet, and I'd like to give him shit with the highest degree of precision possible.

dinthebeast said...

So let me get this straight: he's now claiming an upgrade from "fundamentally ridiculous" to "silly"?

Nope. Nopenopenope. All of the nopes.

No upgrades for you, Matty boy. You're still every bit as fundamentally ridiculous as ever, and silly doesn't even begin to cover it.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Dowd, Dowd, Dowd.

What is the difference between the John Birch Society right wingers and the Tea Party Right wingers?

Foot ball players, musicians, Comedians, actors have "FANS"/

Presidents / politicians do not.

A fan of a president (politician) is a the extreme political propagandized Base
Who lives his life with blinders, unable to critically think. But, are the superior race with superior morals and minds that need to force others into kneeling.

Voters include "your so Called F
ANS" and make mistakes that many cannot admit because they are told and convinced they are superior.

Then there is the electorate of Citizens. That is a massive variety of people from all walks.

Just one section of these voters replay the same tired old thing like it was new.
It is like the old vinal records that would get a scratch on them. As the needle struck this scratch, it would force the needle and arm that holds it to bounce back and start over. Never hearing the entire song. Hitting the scratch and skipping back to the beginning over and over.

By getting another vinyl record with another scratch that skips the needle back to the beginning (as the other record ) Is not accomplishing anything .

No matter if you are a listening (fan) or vinyl record owner and operator.

A voter has a Civic Duty to be responsible and hear out , seek other info, digest with a responsible conclusion before casting a vote. A fan takes a Squid to a hockey game and tosses it out on the ice.