Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

As we dirty hippies have known all along, the fate of the future depends on controlling the perception of the past.  And in the struggle over what becomes gospel and what become heresy, no faction has worked harder to warp the modern political history of the United States than the Republican Party and their enablers in the mainstream media.

And they do it by continually resetting the official Beltway Date On Which History Began -- a subject about which I have written once or twice over the past 13 years:
Oh Jebulon, if pretending for the last six and a half years that history began on January 20, 2009 has taught us anything it's that nobody in the GOP is interested in taking a guided tour of "the last decade", especially a tour led by some foof named Bush. --  August 8, 2015 is ideologically and psychologically impossible for Conservatives to admit that history began before January 2009.  --  September 27, 2014

For the Palinites, the lie is that history began on January 20, 2009, when the Black Guy became president; for the Sullivanites, the lie is that history began in 2003, when George W. Bush apparently snuck into Ronald Reagan's crypt and peed on the Great Man's mortal remains. -- February 8, 2010

[Conservatives] lie constantly about their own past.   They never supported Bush.  They never thought Clinton should be impeached.  There never was a budget surplus. And so on.  Or, conversely, there were WMD in Iraq.  Bush was a great president.  History began on January 20, 2009.  And so on.  They are junkie-dependent on massive doses of Strategic Forgettery to keep from facing the ugly reality of their real pasts. -- September 25, 2012
Of course, contrary to Mr. Dowd's ridiculous lie, the modern GOP has never been a  party of family values, integrity, or fiscal responsibility.  In fact, for decades the modern GOP has been energetically laying the tracks which Donald Trump rode to the White House.

But anything that whiffs of a general acknowledgment of these indisputable facts would raise no end of inconvenient questions which would incinerate the careers of Beltway Both Siderists like Mr. Dowd.  

And so the Great Resetting begins yet again, as Mr. Dowd and his colleagues conspire in plain sight to declare "two years ago"  to be the new official Beltway Year Zero. 

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Tom Sunday said...

"the modern GOP has never been a party of family values, integrity, or fiscal responsibility." And yet democrats running against these people can never make hay out of that. I'm sure when I'm laying on my death bed I will still be wondering the same thing.

jim said...

TIL: Matthew Dowd doesn't know how to spell N - I - X - O - N.

Once a jam-tart always a jam-tart, that one.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Duncan Black owes you a Coke:

Robt said...

Someday someone should sit Dowd down and explain to him.

The republicans that espouse they are the party of Lincoln. shot him.

The republican party be full of liberals then and conservative dwelled the Democratic party side of the aisle during this era.

How the parties cross pollinated. And most of all, the story of the great republican purity purge.
But wait, If I was there to watch the great purge. Where was Dowd's news nose?