Tuesday, March 06, 2018

In The End There Were Just Two Turds Left On Shit Mountain

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RUKidding said...

Great photoshop, as always. However, I would have to argue that you 'shopped in the wrong face. Should be Ivanka's surgically altered mug.

Suckabee may be a goner sooner than we can imagine & could hope for in our dreams. 'Least that's what's been happening quite often of late. Why would she dodge the bullet?

Robt said...

The last lap dance on shit mountain.

Between Mulvaney and Hared. Them two should be able to take over everything.

When Tillerson gets enough guts. He will be exiting. Send Mulvaney on that. When Huckabee is sent out. Jared to the rescue.

Between Jared, Mulvaney, Invanka and Donnie. They can run the entire government.

What they can't handle, they will contract out to Putin.