Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Creep Feeding

Over in the normal, reality-based part of America, the virtual nonexistence of voter fraud is as settled an issue as gravity.

From PolitiFact:
Donald Trump says there's 'substantial evidence of voter fraud.' There isn't.
From The Brennan Center:
Studies Agree: Impersonation Fraud by Voters Very Rarely Happens
From U.S. News & World Report:
Trump Panel Finds No Voter FraudCourt filings show that in spite of the president’s claim that millions of people voted illegally, his recently disbanded commission found no evidence of voter fraud.
Meanwhile, over in the Fox News Creep Feed Pen, this is what America's reprogrammable Republican meatbags are hearing:

So, Mr. Sensible Centrist Person, what exactly is the reasonable, compromise-y midpoint between the positions of fact-based grownups and the paranoid delusions of propaganda-powered Republican imbeciles on this and a hundred other critical issues facing our democracy?

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Andrew Johnston said...

Don't remember who it was, but there was one commenter who pointed out that voter fraud/suppression is one of the few areas in which there's no way to place equal blame - or even any blame - on both sides. So, lacking an angle, the bothsiderists simply refrain from talking about it so much.

dinthebeast said...

Wherever the money is, that's where that sweet spot will be located.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

The GOP desperately need to find a way to employ HRC or Obama to go out to the rural red areas of the country and stand watch as a scare crow in the corn fields.
If they could only squire that strawman (or strawwoman) to go along with their voter suppression to gain and hold power undeservedly.

The just do not have the fear on the right raging wing of the country to shudder and shiver in fear. Enough fear for retired FOX viewers to hop on a Koch Brothers bus for the promise of a free meal. To get them off their couch and away from their comforts and medications to be shuttled somewhere that FOX programming scheduled for coverage of their hostile take over agenda.
The Tea Potters that never existed as anything but make up on a republican pig. Is not edible by the right wing farm animals. With the clock ticking toward the Mid Terms. Tax cut dollars are being diverted from job creation to right wing jock straps and finding something a caged starving animal will volunarily eat.

RUKidding said...

Slow news day? Time to trot out another ever-reliable Fake Noise Playbook: voter fraud! Constantly engaged in by countless hoardes of mostly murdering "illegals" paid by Soros buck$ to infilitrate polling booths everywhere and vote for horrible, terrible the WORST Democraps. Because of course, DemoRATS certainly could never get the number of votes that they do without total FRAUD happening.

Just remember, folks: with rightwingnuts, the GOPers and the enablers it's always projection. Always.

While voter fraud, overall, is minimal in this country, when it does happen, it's nearly always done by Republicans.

But hey: a reliable way to keep the base riled up, angry, fearful and hating on LIEbruls, so why not?

Reality? Reality's for pussy Libtards.

Rusty White said...

It's cute that Mr. Swanson Sh*t Dinner Jr. is focused like a laser on the under-reported issue of non-existent voter fraud. Gives the little guy something to think about instead of obsessing on missing out on the supposed rampant sex of the gheys in public men's rooms. /s