Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Breaking: Facebook Unveils Its New Digital Personal Assistant

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RUKidding said...

heh... good one.

As always, supremely GLAD I never ever created a Faceborg account. Dodged that bullet, at least.

Never trusted criminal crook skeevy skanky greedy shithole Zuckerberg, who appears to be wanting to run for POTUS.

To quote Moon Unit Zappa: "Like, OhMiGawd!"

dinthebeast said...

Never been on Facebook. And they send me emails about it every day, trying to lure me in with people they have found from my past.
Did I mention that I've never been on Facebook?
The email I get the most says "A lot has happened on Facebook since you last logged in." Which is at least true, since everything that has ever happened has happened since I last logged in because I HAVE NEVER LOGGED IN to Facebook.
And Facebook? Those references to my sister, or the bass player I played with in 1979, are creepy as fuck and not only do not entice me to join Facebook, but cause me to have to remind myself that driving across the Bay Bridge to perform some amusing horribleness on Facebook HQ is really a very bad idea that I have absolutely no interest in having anything to do with.
So color me unsurprised that Facebook is up to its neck in slimy, creepy, underhanded intrusions into its users' data that were used to damage the country, and apparently other countries also. (See also: Russia's use of Facebook during the invasion of Ukraine.)

-Doug in Oakland

Scurra said...

Always loved The Forbin Project. So far ahead of its time. Fabulous ending too.

Robt said...

Incredibly amazing that the House GOP closed down their congressional presidential cover up committee.
Finding nothing they through diligent loyalty to president Dennison.

Concluding they found nothing that of course they did not look for. Avoided looking for. They are finding bonus checks on the office desks like anonymous

So soon after the conclusion by inspector Nunes. They go to Hollywood's Hogan Heroes and hire Sgt Schultz. To be their spokes person for the House majority.

And here comes Cambridge Analytical, Mercers, Bannon WIKI Leaks. All pasted together with super glue like a beautiful conspiring mozaic.

The GOP abortion of a premature conclusion.

VonWenk said...

The question for all good men (to borrow a phrase from a quote my mother used to use to try out typewriters in the department store) to ask themselves is are they General Dolph Sweet, sounding the alarm and trying to do something to save themselves, or William Schallart, as the CIA director, resignedly waiting at ground zero for the nuke to go off.

Thanks, Driftglass, for not taking the route of several other sites of requiring people to have a social media account in order to merely comment on a post.