Friday, February 23, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #429

"No puppet, no puppet. You're the puppet."
-- President Puppet
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Tanbark said...

Excellent thread on Kos, where they're putting up a BIGLY shot of Fla. Gov., Rick Scott sucking on the NRA tit like it was a fudgecicle. :o) God, he must hate that. :o)

The Dallas mayor pro tem has invited the NRA to find a new location for their convention, and the list of Governors and other pols who won't say that they'll be attending, is growing by the hour.

SO heartening that the kids are flexing their new-found muscles, and kicking rightwing ass.

I'm stoked. :o)

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

So is Donors Choose going to need to add guns to the things that teachers need funding for?

Be seeing you.

Habitat Vic said...


Of course the Republicans would pass a law requiring some teachers to be armed, but then turn around and not pay/reimburse them for said guns. It would be par for the course.

Back around 2004, a neighbor had a son who was stationed in Iraq, building new military bases (he was a Naval SeaBee). The son started out doing construction and running heavy equipment (part of why he signed up, to learn the trade), but was quickly shifted to training his replacements from Haliburton. Replacements from Pakistan, Indonesia, and Africa - low cost and housed in shitty quarters. The SeaBees were then put on perimeter guard duty for their low cost replacements, though they were still on call to help the Halliburton workers when they screwed up. Since the guard duty wasn't his MOS, he did not get front line body armor, instead getting older vests which didn't even have ceramic plates available. Hence, some of his fellow seabees resorted to fundraisers to buy decent body armor on their own (technically a violation, but many soldiers apparently did it).

So sure, if they actually pass some godawful legislation, Conservatives would make this an underfunded clusterfuck. Because, of course, that's what they do. Its what they always do.

VonWenk said...

By your own criteria, Driftglass,isn't anyone getting their news from TV, not just Fox viewers, not watching the news, since it's all a puppet show? And it would be nice if one of Stephanie Miller's callers were to point out to her, in the midst of one of her soliloquies about how this time "it feels different," how often she's said she doesn't believe in boycotts because someone might launch a boycott against her. Like you said, it was the Montgomery Bus Boycott, not the Montgomery Bus Twitter Rant.

I almost feel like the news media (or at least MSNBC) is trying to float the idea that Paul Manafort is the bad guy who just took advantage of political neophyte Donald Trump, which I don't buy at all. And even if that were the case, Trump has no business being in the Oval Office. Also tired of hearing people on MSNBC (particularly Chuck Todd) lecturing Democrats on how they have to decide on whether they want the issue or to make some sort of progress or Chris Matthews' rant that the Democrats have no leader. I'd be hard-pressed to name any instances where the punditocracy felt the need to tell Republicans how to run their party.

dinthebeast said...

Perhaps Jared wants to keep getting access to that top secret intelligence because he figures that if we're gonna pay for it, someone should read it...
Thank you again for the podcast. Even I needed some antidote for crazy this week.

-Doug in Oakland

NathanFromWork said...

Well the only obviously serious solution is to feed half of Paul Manafort to the school kids, to make both sides happy.

I suggest the top half, or the right half. With both sides, they Must chose one. =P

Love your podcast. Thanks for your work.