Friday, February 09, 2018

I Awoke in a World...

...  where Joe Scarborough Tweet's Charlie Pierce's column on what a farce the GOP has always been --
-- and then pimps his own column in the Washington Post which could have been written in 2004 by any of us Cheetoh-stained, basement-dwelling Libtard bloggers which Joey Joe Joe Junior Scarborough made a career out of mocking on his MSNBC teevee show:

Republicans are determined to bankrupt their own party’s soul

It has been difficult watching Republican politicians drive up the national debt since George W. Bush became president in 2001. But it has been even tougher taking in the spectacle of Trump apologists on Capitol Hill debasing themselves daily in defense of an indefensible president.

What is now beyond debate, however, is how far Republican leaders will go to defend a president most of them once despised. It is not enough that they are in the process of passing a spending bill (with Democrats, in this case) that will throw the United States even deeper in debt. They seem determined to bankrupt their own party’s soul.
Republicans don't have a soul, Joe.

They have a Hannity.

Welcome to Post-Liberal America where future political discussions will be conducted as follows.

On one side we will have the likes of Joe Scarborough, Bill Kristol, and Charlie Sykes.

On the other side, we will have Rich Lowry, Ben Domenech and Laura Ingraham.

And in the Middle, we will have the Both Siderist Legions led by Chuck Todd, David Brooks, Matthew Dowd and Peggy Noonan.

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Dr.BDH said...

Scars forgets he was in the House, as a Republican unable to govern responsibly (fiscal and otherwise), during some of the years since Reagan. Memory loss that profound usually leads to assisted living in an Alzheimer unit. (Otherwise known as the MSM.)

Robt said...

In Joey's republican congress days of great yore.

They didn't redistribute wealth. They picked winners and losers base on wealth and party affiliation (donating).
After the GOP's God spoke, when revenues did not tsunami into the government and drown them. The responsible Lord Reagan and Joey's good old days fiscal responsible GOP. Why, they raise taxes on everyone but the needing upper class that were struggling to get by.
And the Debt rose...........VooDoo economics some guy named HW Bush called it.

If only those great republican of yesterday, like Joey stayed and never left blessing Americans with his vaulted service to us. If only Joey remained in Congress and continued gracing us with his brilliance.

* maybe Joey can help refresh our memories of why he left Congress and took his leadership conservative principles with him?

Joey, your Republican party calls? Do you not sense the gravity of duty to your party?
I am sure Joey is very proud of his devout time serving Americans. His diligence, focus, tirelessly toiling in our behalf. Never letting up for a moment for himself. Never being corrupted by all that dirty corrupting money.
Which none of the corruption had anything to do with the GOP purity purging of the infamous rinos like Joey never was.

dinthebeast said...

Krugman pointed out that the Republicans were dead set against stimulus spending when the unemployment rate was 8% but there was a Democratic administration to take the political credit for its needed effects, but just passed a pair of bills that add up to a larger stimulus than the ARRA now, when the unemployment rate is 4% and it's likely the Fed will raise rates to counter inflation, but there's a Republican administration to take credit for any somewhat risky benefits to the economy that accrue.

Meaning that 1) they were lying all along about deficits 2) they were lying all along about not believing Keynsian economics actually work and 3) they are and always were hysterical frauds when it comes to economics.
You know, the same shit we've been saying about them since, oh, forever.

-Doug in Oakland

VonWenk said...

I'm sorry, Driftglass, that no one's putting you or Bluegal or TV, but outside of making you look petty and bitter, but what it seems to me there's a middle between your "burning the lifeboats" strategy and forgetting that Joe Scarborough, et al., facilitated the rise of Trump and the rending of our democracy, such as continuing to attack MSNBC hosts on social media when they say "both sides" or finding areas of agreement and defeating our common enemy. If the programmable meat puppets won't listen to you, there's a chance (albeit slight) a David Frum or a Bill Kristol can get to them. Roosevelt and Churchill made deals with Stalin to defeat Hitler.

bill said...

An indebted nation owes you. What are we in debt for? Tax cuts and war. Two things DFHs have fought since Nixon called tax cuts "deregulation" and incentivized disinvestment in U.S manufacturing to punish "labor" for supporting RE-investment-minded pols. Welcome to the New Amurcan Century. Whose baby is that? Not mine says William the Bloody.

Brother, can you spare a podcast? It's another Tom Waits Friday and I'm jonesing for a fix...