Friday, January 05, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #422

"Against stupidity the very gods themselves contend in vain."
-- Friedrich Schiller, writer
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Robt said...

It is a book.

It is a good book

But it is not the only book.

The reading lamp is lit.
Read 'em if you got'em........

dinthebeast said...

Scary Plotter is good, but Jon Stewart used it in a bit about the Mumbai attack guy.

"Picking slowly up the rockslide
One thing always seems apparent
If the climb becomes too much
I can always turn around"
-Meat Puppets, "Coming Down"

"Not this time, motherfuckers"
-From a protest sign about the Muslim Ban

If you want some pure, uncut, the-young-people-are-gonna-save-us-after-all uplift and mental health upkeep, here's this, but anything on Youtube by Coastal Sound Youth Choir's Indiekor will work:

This one they got from Steve Martin and name checked Eric Whitacre.

Thank you for the podcast, this was a weird week and I needed some sanity.

-Doug in Oakland

Fritz Strand said...

I wonder how many of us also reached for our barf bag when George Will started his speech about Mcconnell being a 'creature of the Senate' on O'donnell's show.

Neo Tuxedo said...

In case you hadn't heard, one of the reasons to watch MSNBC smuggled a truth bomb right into the middle of the Mouse Circus, and set it off right under the alleged nose of DFB himself:

Willies doesn't relate Our Mr. Brooks' reaction, but I imagine it was like the quote from a Dover Books catalog summary of a Drones Club collection wherein it was said that one of Plum's drones, asked what he actually does all day, would "ponder deeply before failing to reply."

Pagan in repose said...

Off topic:

I read a number of blogs every day, and far too many are still using the terms tumpism, tumpers etc. As Drifty has pointed out there are no trumpisms, trumpies or trumpers etc.

There are two political parties that mainly run this country: the Democratic or Republican parties.

Trump is a Republican, and everybody, place or thing that supports him is a Republican.

Everybody please help in replacing the trump-whatever words with the correct word: REPUBLICAN.

Please don't beat me up with the minutiae about this, I'm just speaking about the general usage of these words.

Thank you for your time, please continue.

dinthebeast said...

Oh, and about those evangelicals... Bishop William Barber has been complaining about them for a while now. His contention is that they can't be Christians, much less evangelicals while supporting policies so antithetical to the scriptures. He's been calling them "extreme right wing religionists", which is maybe a more accurate label for them.
I would have gone with "lying hypocritical bastards" myself, but my day job isn't Bishop...

-Doug in Oakland

SamB said...

Thanks for mentioning Vonnegut and Dick in connection with Wolff's book!

Let me channel Vonnegut and suggest the next chapter, in which Trump gets out of his Russia troubles:

Later this month, Trump will have an examination by a real doctor. The exam will turn up evidence of a stress-related illness. Trump will announce his intention to resign, effective shortly after the 2018 election. He will say that he has done what he set out to do. Huge accomplishments! He'll blame his illness on the Liberals and the Deep State, with their Fake News and biased investigations. His lackeys will liken him to Jesus, sacrificing himself for the Good of All. The House and Senate Republicans will disband the committees investigating Trump/Russia. After all, hasn't Trump suffered enough? Mueller will be defunded, if not fired. Kushner will still go broke, because the Russians will see no advantage to bailing out 666 Fifth Avenue. Trump may still be able to live at Trump Tower among his gold furniture on his Presidential pension.

Robt said...

On the last 2 comments over titles.

Trumpsters being republicans and Evangelicals being, well, more political ideological/false idol worshipers or (republicans).

Is clearly spot on.

As we saw with the "Tea potter conception. Funded by the same billionaires who realize back in the '30's when the economic depression they caused also caused them to lose their comfy thrones as Master to the Slave and master concept.

Back with a united vengeance to divide and rule us all again. With all the new marketing dazzles money can buy and the Fraud that can be legalized or paid off with a little fine as if it was a tip for shining their shoes so well.

The "Tea party leader in the House. mark Meadows votes to increase the debt $1.5 or $2 trillion (what ever it takes) . To steal money from the government. As Wall Street continues drooling over all that money just sitting there in Social Security doing nothing for them.

I remember at the end of GW Bush term and the economy crashed and Iraq was in a money swallowing garbage disposal. The illustrious Sean hannity would spend a lot of TV time of his show. making sure he would tell his viewers he was never a sicko-elephant. That he was registered to vote with the "conservative Party".

From John Birch, Reagan lunchbox nutbags, Tea Potters now Trumpsters.

They are all exclusive republicans.

I seen no White Supremacist Group aligned and campaigning to vote Democratic Party. have you?

So absolutely. They are republican.

I just do not think it will prevent using titles like "Trumpster" as derogatory verbs/nounage like MF'ers. When desc

trgahan said...

Actually most cities in Utah, like Salt Lake City, Murray, and Ogden are VERY blue. The red "cities" (more like towns by definition) are either entirely dependent on fossil fuel extraction and/or an old agricultural rail junctions turned sprawling suburb/ex-burb bedroom communities.

The Republicans have gerrymandered the state so badly, especially since 2010, that it purged Democrats from our national representation and put progressives in the super-minority at the State level.

We're fighting to get fair re-districting on ballot this year.

We have the second largest Pride parade west of the Mississippi and, at the state level, more of the Democratic legislative agenda passed last year than of the Republican's. There are a several reasons for the latter point, but in short, like much of America's "flyover country" Utah is not nearly as conservative as FoxNews and the Beltway want us to believe.