Monday, January 08, 2018

Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

In his previous career, the chief political analyst for ABC News worked hand-in-glove with Karl Rove to whip up enough wingnut rage, paranoia and anti-gay hysteria to get George W. Bush re-elected.

In his current career, the chief political analyst for ABC News work does not understand why Republican voters are allergic to facts.

The chief political analyst for ABC News is apparently experiencing time backward, like Sebastian Hermes in Philip K. Dick's Counter-Clock World.

The chief political analyst for ABC News is now a four-year-old.

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Robt said...

The relative reality has facts assuredly as Gravity holding your feet to the Earth.

Truth bending as Dowd has attempted for some time arrives at the depot at the same time KellyAnne does with her alternative facts. Dowd will travel to Alternative Facts-ville with the Typhoid Mary of alternate facts (Kellyanne) if Dowd thinks it gets him some ratings from FOX viewers that never tune in to ABC.
It is obliviously outstanding, Dowd as a paid news annalist for a major network offering up questions (instead of investigative reports) of Why?

From the twit,
This a serious question: why do Trump supporters get so angry and insulting when all you do is present facts or the truth? I can see arguing over policy, but facts shouldn’t cause people to get so angry and belligerent.

It is possible Dowd is competing for Trump's Fake News awards?

Dowd could try using the news snoop nose to smell out a fact (instead of a question). That There is only one type of NAZI or White Supremacist. That of the GOP ideology.
That they in "FACT, get angry when people have opposing views of their ideals of superiority by color code and their personal hatred of others and the harm they want to inflict.

Yet Dowd sits in bed with Trump eating a Big Mac...........

Stentor said...

I tweeted this to Matt Dowd yesterday after watching the exchange.