Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Jennifer Rubin 2018 Reads Aloud From From Driftglass Circa 2005

Sure as hell seems that way.


janet said...

She's a regular Frank Gorshin!

Tanbark said...

Sign at the recent women's march:

"Not enough room on this sign for all the bullshit!"

When we come back in...and 10 months from now we ARE going to retake the Senate, and very possibly, the House…then we, ALL of us democrats, simply have to remember how the assholes have nearly driven us off the cliff, with the thinnest of margins.

Any democrat who says: "We don't have the numbers to move forward with a progressive agenda." and who suggests that we need to "reach out" and lick republican ass like it was an ice cream cone, needs to have the living shit primaried out of him or her."

Tanbark said...

By the way; gooood man, was 'Cump. A bit careless with fire, but given the times, there were worse faults.


dinthebeast said...

I thought of you when I saw her say that. She's come a long way since she was contending with Richard Cohen for the "worst sentence ever published in the Washington Post" title on Princess Sparkle Pony's blog...

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

My newly elected Republican House Rep. early on gave a "Civility speech" on the floor. At the time Kathy Griffin made head lines over depicting Trump's lopped off head picture.
Of Course my Rep used that as his example of discourse. It was the Dems that are radical.
It was shortly after Ossoff in Georgia election was taking place and the GOP add was , Ossoff will vote for Peolsi who wants to murder you. Vote republican.

We all heard the President's shutdown ad of how "them naughty Dems" want to kill you softly with illegal aliens.

I thought this is a nice way of displaying what this murderous Democratic invasion of murder might look like in the Urbin areas of America that get hit hard by the Dems .

From the YouTube I present the Pelosi/Schumer shutdown alien invasion


So you too can be prepared for what is coming.

Lawrence said...

Check out Michael Steele on Raw Story: Tony Perkins STFU forever.