Friday, January 05, 2018

At The White House...

...the question of what to do about the dog-loyal Republican Party base who are screaming themselves hoarse defending the blatantly indefensible has already been decided.


Robt said...

At what point does Speaker Ryan become a "Coffee Boy".

McConnell a "Cabana boy"

I have no illusions that the extreme right (Supremacists, et al)
Will ever realize how deep the sewage back up the Mercer Billionaire flooded them so hard with. Sewage thick as quicksand. Mercer got what he wanted from their angry last grasps of air as they suck below the surface. With nothing to pull themselves out with.
How they were played by a Supremacist nut who was made to assume he was included in the billionaire royal blood line. Only to find abandonment and Abortion once they climaxed i like only Hitler could by amused by the effectiveness of his propaganda.

There is no plumber that can fix these peoples problem from being drowned in Billionaire defecation.
Not even life boats float in this. Only sink.

Robt said...

Almost forgot,

It is dialogue as the writers display in scenes like this. Real life reflected in art.

That pointed me to the origins of Compassionate Conservatism.

Meremark said...

Driftglass, have you checked out this Illinois thing?
I don't know nuthin. Maybe ProPublica should link to you...