Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Liar In Winter


Kevin Holsinger said...

Now that Mr. Trump's given me the freedom to say "Merry Christmas" again, what do I do with all this newfound power?

Happy Holidays, Mr. Glass.

Oh, and seriously? The ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Future thought going after a nobody like Mr. Scrooge was necessary, but left us with this current crop of centrists and conservatives? Priorities, people.

Anonymous said...

For those who haven't seen the entire movie. said...

King Henry Plantagenet is far preferable the our current greedhead of a president. So it goes (TM Kilgore Trout), but nevertheless Merry Christmas to you Driftglass & Blue Gal & your family & the Driftglass community.

XtopherSD said...

Merry Xmas Mr. D and Ms. BG!

Robt said...

AS with the Putin foreign policy of pay to play arrived at the U.N. via Little Niki.

For those that believe they have any semblance of sovereignty, as the UN charter implies.
If you independently arrive at any conclusion that does not obey the will of Trump. Who will tell you is the will of the American people (approx 33%)
and much less than that on this specific Jerusalem move.

Little Niki will use tax payer money to invite only those that bow. (Amarosa told you about bowing). The rest of you will have to visit the soup kitchens that are now de-funded.
How MAAGA strayed into Make Israel Great again, at MAGA expense. Because spending US tax dollars on a new embassy will employ so many of those forgotten workers like the Coal miners.

Trump the merciful! Trump the freedom giver!
He gives me things I already have and gives those that have so much more of the freedoms I had.

Watching the GOP congress pass the desires of the highest bidders of American law. Sending it to 5a president with 5 functioning digits to hold a pen and sign his name.
Then watching the GOP congress anointing the Functioning 6 fingers vulgarian with the tax cut for big donors to fund our party's future.
Giving Trump the credit for doing nothing but signing a bill, was a political defensive move and everyone should understand that.

That Trump is to take and confront any criticism of the bill and the GOP congress become benevolent Typhoid Mary's. Not to be held responsible for Trump signing their theft legislation.

But seriously, What happened to the lynching posses hunting the Deep State?

And when will they get after those vile Deep Staters.

As those in the song, "Deep state in the heart of Texas".

Michael Sweeney said...

Love it. When I was 14, Lion In Winter was a required movie for my class to see (Catholic 9th grade, don't ya know). I love the headline.