Monday, December 11, 2017

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

I've already said all I had to say about Mr. David Brooks' garment-rending-hand-wringing column on Friday and his appearance on the Intelligence Squared debate stage and his dizzyingly non-linear understanding of recent American political history, so I will just note that this Sunday morning was something like the 3,785th time he was invited to appear on Meet the Press to reprise portions of his most recent column for the reading-impaired.
CHUCK TODD:  David, I want to get to a point you made in your column on Friday, which is a victory by Roy Moore for the Republican Party is, I guess, the ultimate in empiric victory, isn't it?

Also featured on Meet the Press was noted tosspot, torture-whisperer and Respected NBC Employee, Peggy Noonan.  Because I suppose given the state of swooning fidgets which have temporarily afflicted Mr. David Brooks this week, NBC brass thought he might need some help bearing the Both Sides banner on his own.

Peggers was more than up to the task.

After pausing briefly to kick Al Franken on his way out of the Senate --

-- she hied herself over to NBC as fast as possible without risking spillage --

-- in order to deliver her lines:
PEGGY NOONAN:  I understand. Can I say, part of this pushback you see on Fox and other stations and outlets, part of it is I very much remember “Let's kill Ken Starr”--


PEGGY NOONAN:  -- in the late 1990s, it was the Democratic party and Democratic media trying to kill the Republican special prosecutor. That said, it is so important, so much depends on the Mueller investigation that it's not bad, I think, if people look at it in a strict way and just say, "Make sure everything's on the up and up and fully credible and not partisan and not partisan political creepiness."
Watching the Sunday Shows really is like watched state-media broadcasts from Camazotz.  Part ahistoric blathering, part hastily thrown-together Both Siderist fairy tales, all in the service of  awkwardly and self-consciously avoiding any discussion that has anything to do with what is actually going on in this country right now, or the lived experiences and memories of the tens of millions of us who exist outside of the Beltway bubble.  

And I am oddly comforted by the fact that the perpetrators of this weekly sham are so keenly aware of how weak and ridiculous they are that they absolutely will not let anyone within a 1000 yards of the party who might show up with a little actual, inconvenient history in-hand.

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Jimbo said...

Amazing that Chuck Toddler used the term empiric victory, which is utterly meaningless when he clearly pyrrhic victory. What a freaking moron. I never watch the Sunday "news" shows precisely because they are meaningless blatherings without any attempt serious discussion.

bowtiejack said...

"And I am oddly comforted by the fact that the perpetrators of this weekly sham are so keenly aware of how weak and ridiculous they are that they absolutely will not let anyone within a 1000 yards of the party who might show up with a little actual, inconvenient history in-hand."


PSF said...

Every time I see Peg's tweets, I see her name as peggynoonanny. Best thing she has ever authored, her Twitter name.

Peter Janovsky said...

Re "Empiric":

Did Todd really say it, or was it transcribed wrong? Anyone see it?

proverbialleadballoon said...

Looking forward to Brooks and Noonan appearing on amnesiac Chuck Todd's show next week, to explain how Ray Moore's victory was actually Democrats fault. 'And a reminder for Alabama voters and social conservatives that character is crucial (for Democrats)', Noonan's subtext is missing the parenthetical. 'Liberals believe that they have the moral high ground, compared to a child molester; A particularly pernicious way to think,' sighs David Brooks.

dinthebeast said...

"partisan political creepiness" thy name is Noonan.
Also, a horribly disfiguring disease, but never mind that.

-Doug in Oakland

Frank McCormick said...

Mr. Glass -- I don't think I'm up for Peggy Noonington's blathering re Al Franken. I think I'll wait for tengrain's take (if it comes).

dave said...

sooo peg...what's the difference between a lie about a blow job and treason, emoluments, nepotism and corruption?

both sides!!!

Robt said...

Spock to Bones,

It is illogical for any human let alone a Vulcan to hear this exchange of mental disorder expressions being flogged. Being capable of comprehending the full basis of the fully dick filled throated garbling. Is incoherent to anyone clear throated or not intoxicated by mind altering chemical induced influences.

Then attempt to arrive at any logical conclusion. Other than they require immediate medical attention before they harm themselves further. That matter, harm others as well.

Bones, I agree, Spock. Let's inform the Captain so he can take the proper action.

Robt said...

This year has been very challenging.
Filled with so much so fast.

It leaves no time to discuss or digest and resolve conclusions.

Like now
Were given the massive media misguidance over Sexual harassment s . How admonishments are doled out as if rape is the same as a reach around the waste in a public setting for a photo op. With the Roy molester is more valued to the GOP than a conservative Democrat who lives, work and socializes in his own state without ever being driven out for his crimes of not being extreme in right wing NAZI pandemonium..
A tax cut bill that employs reverse Robin Hood legend.

threat of nuclear war
Conspiring with Russia's dictator Putin to undermine American interests while claiming the president's self financial interests (and his close family and pals) self profit is all that matters and is now the top priotiy interest of America.

Bcause when Trumpians profit America is great again. For who,? well that is what 30 years of propaganda programming with trigger words and built in hate viruses help accomplish. When you need to tell the the story of the Horse and Sparrow economics.

That giving all to the horse. As it passes through the horse and rejects all it needed. Its waste drops out in the golden toilet for all the little sparrow and dung beetles to feast.

It is your problem if you are not a Sparrow or a dung beetle that feeds off this waste. But we will ensure you have the freedom to be a dung beetle or parish of your own hosing.
lunch the prosecutor for investigating that in which he was hird. Now that he gets close.

Vs, vs, vs.......
There is a rerun on the American people. Tax cuts during simultaneous wars.
Deregulating banks to steal, cheat and rob without any responsibility to share holders, consumers or the general proprietary responsibility to the American economy. Socialism with bail outs for the big casino losing gamblers like Wealthy and corporations. Giving everyone else the freedom to lose everything they worked for. Honoring them with the self pride of individual ruggedness.

While the House of Reps pass a law to make legal the guy that heard the HRC breitbart report of her running a child prostitution ring out of the Pizza joint.
making it legal for him to pick up his AK 47 drive across state lines and shoot up the pizza joint.
It is like having a serious termite problem in your home. Then releasing thousands of Carpenter ants in your home to thwart the termite problem.

It is all being decided without representation or even a notification.

If they pass redistribution of tax dollars to wealthy and corporate America ( and international corporate) with the donors demands, Right wing media and 35 percent of the loudest economic analysis deniers.
Then aren't we in an Apartheid reality of wealth ruling?

And I can only wait for all the jobs Paris Hilton is going to create. All her chauffeurs that get raises? How they will give bigger tips at restaurants?

Not to worry,
The Roy Moore party sends their "thoughts and prayers".