Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Simpleton Who Pissed His Vote Away On A Third Party Purity Tantrum Says What?

Sorry. "Simpleton" is not quite fair.

 ABC News chief political simpleton is much more descriptive.

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Robt said...

There has to be a clinical name for symptoms Dowd is experiencing..

The same for the Charlie Sykes debilitated self awareness.

The DFB quagmire of never leaving foot prints where he could see where he was three steps ago.

Is it Dementia? some sort of Harlan novel, end times plague from an organism carried here on a meteorite from another galaxy? infecting people to behave like this? DG, you are well versed in Sci-fi and I call on your expertise in this matter?

We need a general diagnosis name. With all the sub variances of the strains.

Why are some keenly immune to it? How is it some can smell it a mile away?
Can we inoculate others susceptible to it?

Nightmare has already been ruled out.

dinthebeast said...

But but but... He's talking about the weak-minded little people who probably close their eyes or say "eeny meeny miny moe" to vote anyway, and don't possess the mentality of...
Hold on just a cotton picking minute, what, exactly is the skillset Mr. Dowd wields that makes his opinions so exalted, anyway? I mean besides his finely-tuned and personally accurate sense of which monster's dick, when properly sucked, will advance his career as a destroyer of the republic, I mean media big wheel?

-Doug in Oakland

steeve said...

It's one thing to vote to the left of both candidates. Attempting to vote between them is stupidity unmatched by anything.