Friday, December 29, 2017

Professional Left Podcast #421

"Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin
Dance me through the panic till I'm gathered safely in
Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove
Dance me to the end of love..."
-- Leonard Cohen, writer
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starskeptic said...

Rian Johnson seems to have thought his choice was between 'doing it his way' and 'rolling over for the fans' when, in reality his choice was between a good story and a bad story...
he chose unwisely...

Dr.BDH said...

Judging from Han Solo in the last movie and Luke Skywalker in this one, flying around in interstellar space has the same effect on your face as spending 20 years on a Mexican beach, smoking two packs a day.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

"Today, on the Professional Left Podcast, Blue Gal and Driftglass politely disagree with Joy Ann Reid's assertion that we are all Sharticus."***

***apologies if I'm forcing you to look up "shart"...

Be seeing you.

dinthebeast said...

It's not the big lizards' fault that they ended up on that island, but it is the goddamn Republicans' fault that they have monsters in the white house.
I agree that we need to reinforce the continuity of our message, but I also think that Joy Ann Reid is a goddamn national treasure.
Sometimes those things conflict, some times they don't.
Thanks again for the podcast.

-Doug in Oakland

Fritz Strand said...

I appreciate your comments about fly over country and our media elite. From your comments I also see that you are at least and occasional reader of WaPo. You might have notice other than reporting on business and sports, there is rarely any local news about politics or community affairs. So don't feel to slighted, fly over country begins at the end of the driveway for many members of our local powdered wig aristocracy.

Robt said...

If there has been any theme standing out in all the news reports, discussion ( earnest ones) in the media over all.
I sense the one major element on display the entire year of Orange swamp.
Including the year end's top countdown reviews.
Even at Pro=left resistance.

Being overwhelmed by the Trump septic tank back up and constant over flowing right back up overflowing from the Golden Toilet . That Republican party loyalty exacerbating the disgusting back up flow, only by approaching it as if it was FEMA pretending to help Puerto Rico.

The old childhood saying, "A lie can travel around the world before the truth gets it's shoe strings tied for for the race at the starting line.

The problem this has always pints to is that, once people hear the lies (repeatedly in mass). The sediment layers itself. Preventing truth from getting through for too many. How to target and counter these "too many" seems to be exacerbated by issues to combat it has been ignored.

The right wing billionaire class has been funding, promoting, purchasing our government and country. How the Mercer wealth funded the white supremacists of the weak voting GOP base into a proud to be a bigot and racist. Right into the White House and ignored in a enabling and promotional well planned conservative agenda is but one of the enormity of the NAZI purist agenda imitating from a GOP majority government.

In my local paper, a simplistic article of a Tsunami of political ads and media is on the way. They do not tell you Koch Brothers promise to spend hundreds of millions for republicans. Nor, that the tax cuts money these billionaire class have been given from tax payers by republican tax cuts (funding their campaigns).
And ready for it? Both sides are going to overwhelm the district for the House seat. Not that a mere GOP base is in oblivion euphoria over a Congressman that never town halls, wrote in the paper saying, "he refuses to meet with them liberal radicals over health care" (regardless they are constituents of his district.

So both sides are going to swamp us with monied ads.
In other words, the GOP is going to spend a shit load of tax payer money via the 83% of the tax cuts trickling down in to GOP campaigns. That those wascally ISIS Liberals are going to try to compere in this SWamp_Nado media onslaught for GOP.

If only the Dems would not be so competitive the GOP would not have to Water board the voters with their complete media brainwashing.

And the 1st Amendment third rail of Government (the free press). has succumbed to the Citizens United and can sell that first Amendment protection for a tidy profit, to the highest bidder. These "soap boxes are no longer affordable or available for the unclean less economically billionaires rulers.

It has been so difficult to stay focused. To completely spend time for effort on subjects being splattered out of the Golden toilet back up.

We have follow ups in the middle of 12 other major turbulence Right wing tear down America.

It is the Grover Norquist GOP ideological prayer number 3. Shrink Government small enough to drown it in the bathtub. Which Billionaire ownership is materializing in front of our eyes.

Because a small Government cannot take to court a thieving Trump for University fraud or Wells Fargo for consumer fraud on their own clients.
The Government (the people) are no longer able to protect the Constitution, it laws, rules, restricting, freedoms.

You know, Like China or Russia. And let's admit. Too many corporations enjoy and favor having their labor force controlled by a communist control.

Robt said...

Hey DG,

I listen in to Star Talk with Neal, Chuck and the Science guy.

How do I get you on their show? I see it as would be very interesting with you Sci Fi back ground.

Questioning what was fiction at one time coming to reality. Testing the boundaries of Sci Fi of today and it's fruition of tomorrow.

Space prisons the Trump crime family?

Sending Sarah Huckabee in an Unmanned probe straight at the nearest black hole to see the effects on a souless carbon based entity?

It would be fun, don't you think???

Batocchio said...

Thanks for participating and for spreading the word!

Roy Edroso gave DG's submission a nice shout-out on Twitter.